Secrets Excellence: How to apply makeup?

Do you have a good quality cosmetics, brushes and excellent sponzhiki, you also spend enough time on make-up, and the result is still not always satisfied?Perhaps you're underestimating the process, that is, apply makeup is not entirely correct.


biggest mistake in the use of concealer (equalizer) - the use of funds almost the same as the foundation.This is when you are trying to "cover up" imperfections corrector.After the grind.All this is the wrong attitude to corrective product.


1) Take a small amount of product on the middle or ring finger.

2) your finger tip to the problem areas, set point corrector.If disguise dark circles under the eyes, put a few points at regular intervals.

3) Take a small soft brush and "hammer" the product into the skin.Do not smear or rub, act clapping movements.You can try to do it with your fingertip, then use the ring finger, it is the weakest, and gently "will beat" the concealer to the skin without moving the skin.Shaded border points, but not the center.

4) If pigmented spot is not blocked completely, take the time to re-apply concealer.Let the product is completely dry.Then, powder the stain and only then repeat the process.

tonal framework

not enough high-quality coverage is often caused by a skin preparation.Make sure that the facial skin gently exfoliate, and then moistened.A second mistake - work in a hurry.


1) Squeeze concealer on hand as a palette.

2) Take product round brush or sponge.

3) Apply in a circular motion, so the brush will leave traces.

4) constantly turn his head, exposing the face of the mirror at a different angle: it will help to see if there are missing parts of the skin.And be sure to pay attention to the jawline (for some reason it is often overlooked).In general, do not rush out and try to touch a face creams: you need to thoroughly distribute the cream on the skin.If you get a layered effect - Apply foundation wet, ie, a wet sponge or by mixing with a light moisturizer.

Blush Blush

may look unnatural if they apply "not the place."Shade selection is not as principled as its richness.


1) Council to involve the cheek when applying blush - it is working.It helps to see the direction in which the brush should work.

2) must act in the direction from the center to the periphery of the face.

3) will appreciate how symmetrically laid blush.It's not only about the direction (see. Board 1).It is important that the intensity of the color on both cheeks was similar.If you have something does not suit, it is easy to correct the situation: powder the cheeks, it will soften the overall tone blush.


rich layer of powder - this is a major mistake that should be avoided when using the powders, whether or crumbly product CD.


1) House use loose powder or powder into a ball.Apply a wide round brush.

2) Taking the powder on the brush, shake off the excess.It is better to add a second layer if necessary, make too thick than the first layer.The more air will be between the particles of powder, the better: powder will not accumulate in the wrinkles and folds.And this can be achieved only if the brush is very little powder and swinging brush - very light.

3) pressed powder - a product that reformats makeup.Therefore, it is taking with him to the beautician.Use a sponge or a sponge, and rub the powder in the face, but only touch the face.Shade compact powder, and even more so to rub the face, do not!


important to paint the eyelashes completely, from root to tip.Much depends on the quality of the brush, but do not neglect the way you paint the lashes.


1) Look in the mirror, tilting her head back.Thus, you will see the roots of the lashes.

2) eyelid lifts a finger: it will help get the brush to the roots of the lashes.

3) If paint lower lashes, they also need to be painted over completely, and not only at the tips.

Lipstick Red lipstick - one of the sexiest make-up, but sometimes it looks very bad, the boundaries are blurred colors or color "eaten."


1) When applying lipstick at home, use a brush to the product covered every little crease of the skin of the lips.But the brush is not just for this.Brush is not just lipstick shade, taken with the stick.Brush should create a detailed outline, border color.

2) Use towels or cotton swab to correct circuit.

3) correcting Stick makeup lipstick, do not stretch the lips into a smile when tinted lips.On the contrary, should keep his lips relaxed - so lipstick will fall more accurately.Do not forget the corners of his mouth.

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