Sincere prayer against diseases

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That's how the people that most often they turn to God and go to church only when it is absolutely vital situation seems unbearable to them, and they see no other way out.The most severe problem is the appearance of a man disease.That's more than any other disease problems leads people to church and makes appeal to God.Unfortunately, this problem is corrected, and allows a person to step on the right path, which the Lord has pointed the people.However, many believe that there is a prayer from the disease, they will be able to read to overcome their illness.Now, let's learn a little more about it.

The fact is that very often, when a person begins to ache, he asks himself: "Why me such a punishment for any sins of retribution?" In this case, the stronger and more serious illness, the more people are desperate and "lament."But one prayer from diseases not work a miracle if deep down we can not change their attitude to the disease, to his life and to God.Most of us never wanted to know the Lord more insight into the essence of the commandments of God, and it is precisely these moments in the first place may underlie human problems.

Each of us, and especially the man who ran the disease should sincerely repent and recognize their error.It should be understood that the prayer of the disease - it is not a magic spell, is turning to God and our patron saint with a sincere plea for help.Only when the human soul is cleansed of sin, when it becomes the path of repentance, healing will come to him.Sometimes the healing of the soul is more important than getting rid of bodily infirmities.

When we thoughtlessly run to the temple, put a candle, kissing icons, holy relics is applied to the prayer of the disease can bring us temporary relief, but we do not address this problem as a whole.The person should rethink many things in a different way to see the world, because he has shown the way by which you must follow in life

Unfortunately, getting healed, people quickly forget about how it was not easy, and once again begin to sin and docountless mistakes in life, and sometimes stop to go back on the road leading to the temple.All this leads to that person again overtake different sorrows and problems.

can cite the example of many great stories about how the huge number of people helped by prayer Matrona diseases.After treatment with a plea for help to Matrona of Moscow occurred miraculously healing that doctors could not explain from a medical point of view.Mother Matrona said that only when the heart has a sincere belief in God and honoring his commandments comes the healing, and the whole of human life is getting better.

Very often women who dream of becoming mothers, but can not get pregnant can pray the Blessed Virgin Mary.Prayer of women's diseases becomes even stronger if the woman confessed, repented, receive communion.