Name Arthur: the mystery of the origin and

name Arthur, the origin of which has Celtic roots, different undoubted beauty.Translated it means "mighty bear."People do not bother to standard daily chores usually bear the name of Arthur.Its origin is noble, and, in fact, these men - the very chivalry and ambitions in the flesh.

People with this name tend to wealthy, but quiet life.They are very cleverly avoiding conflicts, experiencing emotions played out the storm inside.Most introverts are often the name of Arthur.Its origin, as has been said before, the noble, but the people who are its holders are also negative features.This is a rather conceited, pragmatic, selfish and secretive personality.It can be difficult at certain times to guess the reaction of the men to any news or event.Not interested in what if it does not concern him personally, Arthur.

Translation name says that it is a free and strong-willed person, but it will, as a rule, is manifested in extreme situations.Its stimulation can wake up the will.Arthur does not have many fri

ends, and tries to build a relationship so as not to bind and do not burden yourself with some obligations.People with the given name slow to react to what is happening around them, but nevertheless they have a keen sense of defeat.Any, even the smallest failure or shock them, and may even destroy the morale for some time.

What is the name of Arthur - outline clear.What are these people in the business sector?They choose a profession that is something between a subordinate and a superior.Arthur did not want to assume the role of leader, but also does not want his subordinates to go.He fit such professions as an administrator, customs, electronics, medical.These men achieved good progress in the area where used alternative medicine.Such a variety of professions suitable for people who wear the name of Arthur.Its origin is ancient, and the name has a rich history.Suffice it to recall the famous King Arthur, the leader of the Britons of the sixth century.Also, many famous dentists and surgeons wore that name.

so named because people have great intuition, which often helps in difficult situations.If you do not want to develop something, going into every detail, Arthur will use intuition.These individuals - owners of an analytical mind.They have a well-developed imagination, moreover, it should be noted the excellent memory.It is through these two qualities are obtained from Arthurs good musicians or artists.Yet they prefer to keep many thoughts about life.

This man is very sensitive and impressionable.He's going through a bad heart, is it someone caused and good recalls gratefully.Impeccable morally.But I do not like to submit to customs.Strict framework - not for him.

And finally, a few words about the personal relationships that can arise with Arthur.Immediately it should be said that this is a very sexy man.Sensitive and delicate, they are well versed in women's psychology.At first, they, however, can be indecisive.But it is worth to say one thing - this man can be entirely trusted.