Feng Shui: the five elements

philosophical basis of Feng Shui and Chinese art of prediction is the theory of the five elements.It is believed that these elements - metal, wood, fire, water and earth - form all things in the universe and have a tremendous impact on everyday life.

Everything in the world can be classified using this theory.For example, the lion - a metal;Tiger - is the Earth;a boy born in 1988 - a tree, and so on.Since the five elements constitute the five basic forces in the universe, everything (except the gods) subject to their influence.There are natural

rules governing the interaction of the five elements.A clear understanding of this interaction is the starting point in the study of feng shui.There is a circular relationship between the elements, also called the cycle of generation or creation.

arrows show the direction of the creative process.For example, metal generates water.Like the energy mothers give birth, the energy is depleted Metal Water at birth, so that the process water is becoming more and Metal weakens.

Master Feng Shui often advises his clients to put some things in certain places, to scatter or reflect the impact of malicious forces.If he advises podstelit red carpet under your favorite chair, which means that the adverse effects on the location of the chair is classified as a Tree.The red color belongs to the category of Fire and drains energy Tree, neutralizing its effects.

The law of generation can be illustrated by another example.Imagine that the front of the house, located right in front of you, is a statue of a fierce tiger, and every time you go to work, you feel embarrassed by his gaze.Master Feng Shui advise you to place the image of a lion at the entrance to challenge a tiger.By law, the generation of Lion will be the winner, because the tiger belongs to the world, and the lion metal.Earth energy is exhausted tiger, creating and strengthening the lion.

This law is also often used for the colors and shades of color.Metal is associated with gold or white flowers, trees - a green or brown water - black, blue and different shades of gray, light - red, scarlet and purple, and the Earth - with yellow.If the master of feng shui advises you to strengthen red color in the room, he actually said that horoscope you belong to the earth element and need a Fire (red), which strengthens you.

There is also a corresponding cycle of destruction, or destruction.

Arrows indicate that the metal control or eradicate Tree and Tree controls or destroys Earth.However, since the cycle of nature is destructive and violates harmony, to dissipate the harmful effects of its use is not recommended.

cycle generating harmonious contrary, like the relationship between mother and child;with it problems can be solved peacefully.The cycle of destruction and opposite to it is usually the cause of the problems.

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