What is Globe?

Globe - is accurate, but is a million times smaller copy of our planet.Without this model, it is difficult to imagine such a science as geography.Globus "invented" in the XV century, but today it is widely used in various spheres of human life.

What is Globe?

should be recognized that the first cartographic image of the Earth was a map.Rather, it was a drawing of the area, drawn on the wall of the cave.Globes appeared much later when people realized the scale of our planet and found that it has a spherical shape.

What is Globe?What are the main features of this method of image the Earth's surface?

answer to the question "what is the Globe" has to know each student.Translated from the Latin word globus means "ball".Thus, the globe - is a method of mapping the image the Earth's surface, which preserves the geometric shape of our planet, as well as all the lines, the square and the contours of the objects.The only clarification: all reduced to a million times.

Compared with the geographical map on the globe all the earth's surface distortion is minimal.Continents, oceans, seas and islands it is completely appropriate to their location on the globe.Just to put all the geographic objects on the globe helps degree grid consisting of lines of meridians and parallels.

Properties and use of globe

The main properties of the globe should include the following:

  • preserved the sphericity of the Earth;
  • preserved the relative position of the poles, parallels and meridians;
  • out the same model in all areas;
  • shapes of all the pieces on the ground are not distorted.

Throughout the XVII-XVIII centuries globes actively used seafarers, explorers and discoverers.Now they are used exclusively for scientific and educational (more often) activities.Globe school is an essential attribute of any office geography.


globe Ancient Globe, which has been preserved until today, dates back to 1492 year.It was created by Martin Behaim - German scientist and traveler.The basis of the data he took Ptolemy and Toscanelli.Behaim globe is kept in a museum in Nuremberg.Since America at that time had not yet been opened in its place Behaim depicted the eastern extremity of Asia, as well as many non-existent islands.

However, the very first globe, according to ancient written mention was made 1,700 years ago.Its author was a pupil of Aristotle - Greek philosopher Crathes.He created a spherical model of the Earth, which, however, does not come down to our days.But other ancient philosophers describe what it was depicted on solid land, divided into four parts by two perpendicular intersecting rivers.

Variety Globes

In content can be general geographic globes (classical) or theme (last occurred in the twentieth century).Fit ball stand Globes:

  • small (up to 60 cm in diameter);
  • medium (60 to 120 cm);
  • large (more than 120 cm in diameter).

Besides Earth, there are also globes of other celestial bodies of the solar system (the moon, Mars, Mercury, and so on. D.) And starry sky.Spherical planet models can also be made of different materials.It may be plastic, paper, glass, or stone.

Conclusion So, what is the Globe?Now you can easily answer this question.It is a model of the Earth, which is exactly the same as its shape, without altering this area and the edges of objects in all areas of the surface.It is believed that the very first Globe created a German scientist Martin Behaim in 1492.However, the earliest references to similar instruments date back to the third century BC.