How to choose a nasal aspirator for children. Children's nasal nasal aspirators: reviews

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The nasal aspirator for children is a special device designed to eliminate unnecessary liquid from the nose of the crumbs. The fact is that babies under three years old do not know how to blow their nose or do not do it to the fullest. And such a device helps the little ones to breathe freely, and for a mother this is an excellent unit that helps her out in a situation with a blocked baby's nose. Now let's find out what kind of aspirators are. Prices for them and parental reviews of such a device will also be presented in the article. TikTok online viewer and downloader search profiles, videos, music, followers for free.

Types of devices

The nasal aspirator for children can be of the following varieties:

  • syringe;
  • with a mouthpiece;
  • electrical device;
  • vacuum unit.

Features of using a syringe

This is a nasal aspirator made in the form of a rubber bulb with a silicone or plastic tip. The principle of operation of such a device is as follows: before inserting the device, you need to release air from it, then squeeze the rubber part and insert the tip into the baby's nasal passage. This will pull the mucus into the rubber bag.

The advantages of these syringe aspirators are that they are very easy to use, easy to care for, and the most inexpensive option outlined above. Before buying such a unit, you need to pay special attention to the material and shape of the tip. It should be soft enough and not too pointed, so as not to injure the nasal passage of the crumbs. It is also desirable that such a syringe has a limiter on the tip so that deep insertion of the device can be avoided.

Features of using an aspirator with a mouthpiece

The difference between this type of device and the previous one is that there is an additional tube. You need to use this device like this: the end of the truncated cone is inserted into the nostril of the baby, then the mother herself begins to suck the mucus into the tube. The other end of the tool leads to a special tank, from which the mother blows air. This aspirator is more efficient than the first one described above, but it is also more expensive.

Using a vacuum device

In such a unit, mucus flowing from the nose is pumped out using a conventional vacuum cleaner. The aspirator flask is pushed onto the tube of this household appliance, then the liquid is aspirated using the power regulator.

Electric nasal aspirator

Another type of unit for removing mucus from the nose, which runs on batteries. The principle of its operation is as follows: the tip of the device is brought to the nostril of the crumbs, then the mother presses a special button, after which the liquid comes out of the nasal passage of the little one. The advantage of such a device is that in addition to suction, most models also have a humidification and rinsing function.

An electric nasal aspirator for children is the most expensive, but at the same time the most effective.

Feedback from parents

The best unit is one that easily and quickly helps to cope with nasal congestion. The effectiveness of the device depends on how you use it. There is, for example, a vacuum device, then it requires additional movements, turning on the vacuum cleaner, the sound of which can scare the little one. An electric aspirator usually gets positive reviews from those moms who use the unit less often. And when such a device breaks down, then again parents have to use the old-fashioned methods or an ordinary rubber bulb. Few positive reviews on the use of syringes, and this is understandable. After all, every woman wants her child to be as comfortable as possible. And the inconveniences and problems in the use of a mechanical aspirator cause negative reviews from mothers.

Device B Well WC-150, reviews of mothers

The nasal aspirator WC 150 for children is specially designed for the little nose of your baby. The advantages of this unit are as follows:

- high safety and efficiency of the unit;

- ease of use;

- compactness of the device - it fits in one hand without any problems, you can take it outdoors, on a trip;

- this nasal aspirator for children (he receives various reviews) provides the ability to distract the baby through such a function as turning on music.

Many people note its effective work - the liquid leaves the baby's nasal passage without problems. There are also many positive reviews about the fact that the device can distract a baby from such a delicate occupation by means of built-in music. This is a great idea that many parents love. And one more important criterion is the price: such an electric nasal aspirator for children is cheaper than analogues.

However, there are also negative assessments, which are expressed in the following: the parts of the device break down quickly, you can smell the cheap plastic. But these points are quite obvious: people simply buy low-quality goods, chasing a low price. And so that this device - B Well, a children's nasal aspirator, was really good and lasted a long time, before purchase, you need to read the certificate for this product, check the build quality, find out who is manufacturer. If any doubts creep in, then it is better not to take this dubious device, but to look for another, of good quality.

The price of this type of aspirator fluctuates around 4000–4200 rubles.

Baby Vac, parent reviews

This device is unique in that it regulates and lowers the pressure by itself during operation. The Baby Vac baby nasal aspirator works with a vacuum cleaner, thanks to which mucus is completely removed from the nose of the crumbs.

Advantages of the device:

  • high efficiency - you can achieve the result in a few seconds;
  • the possibility of injury to the nose is excluded, since the nozzle is made in such a way that the mother does not harm the baby;
  • there is no contact with the mother's mouth, this reduces the risk of cross-infection of the child and mother;
  • the device is made of durable high-quality plastic, which guarantees the safety of the device, and also allows you to control the discharge of mucus thanks to a transparent tube;
  • the device does not require the purchase of additional devices (batteries, tubes), the aspirator kit contains two replaceable reusable nozzles;
  • the device is manufactured in Hungary, not in China, so low quality materials are excluded.

Parents' comments on the Baby Vac aspirator are almost all positive. Mothers note the convenience of using such a model, the fact that it quickly relieves the nose of unnecessary mucus, does not have an unpleasant smell of plastic. And some parents consider the disadvantage of noise during work, but this does not apply to the aspirator itself, but to the vacuum cleaner, which makes a loud sound when turned on. This is perhaps the only nuance that adults pay attention to.

average cost

A manual nasal aspirator for children, the price of which can range from 100 to 300 rubles, is the most budgetary option for a device that can clear mucus from the nasal passages of a child.

After an inexpensive syringe, the list includes a unit with a mouthpiece, the average cost of which is 400-600 rubles (depending on the manufacturer).

In third place in terms of the degree of high cost is a vacuum unit, which works with a vacuum cleaner. The price of an aspirator of this type is in the region of 800-1000 rubles.

The most expensive and efficient is the battery-powered electrical device. The average cost of such a nasal aspirator is in the range of 3000–5000 rubles, depending on the manufacturer.

Important recommendations

  1. A nasal aspirator for children should be used only when the mucus itself does not flow out.
  2. If you constantly clean the nose with this device, it can lead to disruption of the mucous membrane, its drying and loss of protective properties.
  3. If the runny nose is not of a viral origin, but of an allergic one, then it is better to replace such a device with effective antihistamine drugs prescribed by a pediatrician.
  4. If there is a lot of mucus, the procedure should be carried out several times a day so that the liquid comes out faster and the child feels better. After aspiration, you need to drop vasoconstrictor drops into each nostril, which can be used 3 times a day, but not more than 5 days, so that addiction does not occur.

Now you know what a children's nasal aspirator is and for what purposes it is needed. We found out that there are four types of this device, the most budgetary option of which is a syringe, and the most expensive is an electronic device. Despite the difference in price, there are no categorical negative reviews about such a unit as an aspirator. In any case, it is better to buy even the cheapest pear that can remove liquid well than to leave the baby with a clogged nose.