How to choose a warm floor control?

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Process Technology does not stand still.Lately, especially popular concept of "smart home".It simplifies the everyday life of a person and makes it more comfortable.Partly for this technology and relates such a development as floor heating.Today, every third house is renovated equipped with such an innovation.Underfloor heating controller can manage and ensure optimum temperature, creating a comfortable indoor climate.

What is a thermostat?

There are three types of floor heating: water heating, electric and infrared.According to its technical and operational characteristics are significantly different from each other, but they all share a temperature controller for underfloor heating.The management of this device can be electric or programmable.The second type of system allows you to automate and create additional comfort.For example, half an hour before you return home from work the floor begins to warm.Thus, you save on electricity consumption.Installing such equipment is carried overhead way or introduction into a wiring box.If the display is installed in a room with high humidity, the controller floor heating endure outside the premises.

thermostat functions

The main features include:

  • activation and deactivation of the system;
  • ability to maintain the heat at a given temperature;
  • avtopodogrev floor to a specific time and temperature;
  • saving electricity and others.

What to look for when choosing a thermostat?

The main purpose of this device - not just turn on and off display, but also to provide the desired temperature.There are models where the integrated thermometer for measuring air temperature in the room.But this function is meaningless, since figures can vary depending on many extraneous factors, such as the draft, the air flow near the work appliance that generates heat, and so on.

programmable control of floor heating is recommended in the spacious rooms.Its total installed power of about 3 kW.Such a device will pay for itself rather quickly.For small rooms is better to use an electric thermostat.He can quickly heat a room, at no additional cost electricity.

One of the most popular versions is the electronic thermostat, equipped with a floor sensor.They are available, easy to operate and durable.

Classification thermostats

market offers us many models of thermostats, which differ not only on price but also on functionality.

There are several types of thermostats classification:

  • As power.This indicator is one of the most important when choosing equipment.Each controller floor heating is designed for a specific power required for heating.If the room is too much and not enough, even the most powerful of the thermostat, the room is divided into zones.Each zone can set an individual device.
  • Installation.There are two ways to install: the installation and patch.Embedded models needed niche in the wall.Overhead thermostats installed in a special box.
  • By type of administration.The regulators are equipped with two types of sensors: Remote and built.Built-in sensors allow you to adjust the air temperature can not be said about the extension.
  • in functionality they are divided into programmable and non-programmable.Non-programmable models are more accessible and easy to manage.Programmable controls allow us to operate floor heating more comfortable.
  • By type.In appearance thermostats are manufactured to suit all tastes.The variety of models allows you to select a thermostat with the most attractive design, which perfectly fit into the interior of the room.

Connecting controller floor heating will make your life more comfortable!