What is T / T?

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inexperienced so easy to get confused and stay deceived the world of modern international e-commerce, that it would be wise to learn about the conditions under which the work leading Chinese suppliers.About them we will talk in this article.

How often do you buy online?

sumatoshen modern world so that sometimes we have neither the time nor the desire to go on supermarkets in search of gifts for loved ones or some pleasant surprises for yourself.And the progress does not stand still, and a considerable part of the population has long been advanced prilovchilis acquire both household goods and clothing stores, offering their services via the Internet.

What can we say about the Chinese sites - a huge number of them, and everyone is full of their enticing prices and a good choice.Understandably, eyes run, and not everyone first thinks about the conditions of payment and delivery of the much desired commodity, well, when it it comes before, and we pay attention to how to pay for the selected knacks, many at this stage therequestion "What is T / T."

more sophisticated consumer, may sign with the international rules of supply set out in the code of "Incoterms 2000", but what about those who have little in their lives faced with the direct import?

What is T / T?

So, the Chinese manufacturer is offering to pay us a selected item through the conditions laid down in the two cherished letters, overcoming misunderstandings which, after some time you get the cherished home furnishings at hand.What is T / T in a literal sense?Telegraphic transfer - telegraphic transfer or telex transmission, although unlikely, these words say something inexperienced Internet user.

To put it simply, it is this kind of calculation is prepaid by the use of the international banking system.All you know is nothing special is required, except for SWIFT-code of Chinese correspondent bank and full details revolving account.With this data, you go to a financial institution in the territory of their country and fill out the form.Well, after your money go into the international journey, which also involved a third, so-called intermediate institutions receiving funds from your country, and transmits them to the recipient.

nuances of

Currently Payment Terms T / T are quite common and, according to a set of rules of international shipments "Incoterms 2000", often used in the next line: 30% of the transaction amount is paid in advance and credited to the account of the supplier prior to delivery,Well, while the remaining 70% compensated already in the final stage of purchase, in other words - when the goods will have cherished you have on hand.

But do not forget about the amazing features of the modern market economy, when fraudsters divorced more than enough.That's why Chinese sellers prefer to work on an advance payment of 100%, where the risk of being deceived by a consumer.

What are the risks you are

What is T / T?This convenient system of settlements with business partners, but at the same time full of unexpected surprises situation where you risk being left without both money and without explanation.Or production does get in your hands, but the thing would not of the quality that was indicated in the catalog supplier.

particular situation should cause concern if the seller does not provide the Chinese samples of the goods in your country in the company of the distributor or partner.It's one thing if you get cheap clothes, and quite another when it comes to jewelry.In this case, we can only guess, it produced whether a factory similar products before.

Overall quality issue worth considering in more detail.You have to understand that what he saw on the website copy - an isolated case and was created just for public display, and when you order the goods in the wholesale amount, the integrity of its performance may leave something to be desired.But what can you do if payment by tt was already done, and yes even in advance in the amount of 100% of the cost?

Finally, what is also necessary to pay more attention, because it is on the package ordered products.Often, the Chinese manufacturers, this aspect is lame, and more fragile commodity risks come to your already damaged.

How to protect yourself

You must understand that payment tt implies an imposition of all possible risks to the buyer, so in case of dissatisfaction prove anything you can not, do that for themselves choose not to work more with a particular manufacturer.

possible, to negotiate with the supplier of the amount of the advance payment of 30%, especially if it is a large transaction and manufacturer you are dealing for the first time.An important role is also able to play online discussions as a potential partner open to dialogue - the first way to mutual trust.

Well, when completing the declaration to send payment T / T pay attention to what the person specified in the details, and is the same whether the company name with the name of the company to the supplier with whom you agreed to work.After all, you see, would be strange if the product delivers a single person, and the money comes at the expense of another.