Monument to the Liberator Soldier in Berlin.

Monument, established in Germany, Soviet soldiers, who carries in her arms a little girl saved, is one of the most majestic symbol of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Warrior Hero

Exterior sculpture was originally conceived by the artist A.Gorpenko.However, a key author of the monument to the Liberator Soldier EV Vucetich was able to bring his idea to life only because the final word of Stalin.Installation was decided to coincide with the May 8, 1949.

architect JB Belopol'skii and engineer S. Valerius made the basic outline of the sculpture, but a key part of the work fell on the shoulders of sculptor EVVucetic, admiring feat soldier Nikolai Maslov, who selflessly fought against the German occupiers up to the capital of the Nazi Reich.

That feat ordinary soldier, who was not afraid to go under the explosions of shells and flying bullets from all sides in order to save the little German girl, played a crucial role in the creation of a monument to Soviet soldiers in Berlin.The monument is so outstanding person should only be created as a non-standard personality.It was decided to install a sculpture in Treptow Park as a symbol of victory over fascism.

Best of the Best

In order to show the world the heroic deeds of our soldiers, the Soviet government allowed to erect a monument to Russian soldiers in Berlin.Treptow Park received eternal decoration in the form of a memorial complex only after the competition, which was attended by about 33 individual projects were selected the best of the best.And leading position achieved in the end only two of them.The first belonged to the EVVucetic, and the second - JBBelopol'skaya.Beyond that, a monument to Russian soldiers in Berlin was established in compliance with all ideological norms, it must be traced 27th Management, responsible for the military defense of the Soviet Union structures.

Since the work was difficult and laborious, it was decided to involve more than 1,000 German soldiers are serving in Soviet prisons, and more than 200 workers of the German foundry firm Noack, mosaic, stained glass workshop Puhl & amp; Wagner and gardeners working in partnership Spathnursery.


Soviet monuments in Berlin had to constantly remind the German citizens that are waiting for their people in the event of a repetition of such horrendous acts.The monument has been decided to make at the "Monumental sculpture", located in Leningrad.Monument to Russian soldiers in Berlin, exceeded the mark of 70 tons, which makes it difficult to transport it.

Because of this structure, it was decided to divide into 6 main components and thus smuggle them in Berlin's Treptow Park.Hard work was completed in early May, under the tireless leadership of the architect JB Belopolsky and engineer S. Valerius, and only 8 of the monument has been presented around the world.Monument to Russian soldiers in Berlin reaches a height of 12 meters and is today a key symbol of the victory over fascism in Germany.

opening of the memorial in Berlin AG led the seals, which Major-General of the Soviet Army and to serve as role while the commandant of the city.

By the middle of September 1949 a monument to the Liberator Soldier in Berlin came under the control of the Soviet military commandant Magistrate of Greater Berlin.


By the fall of 2003 the sculpture is so dilapidated that the leadership of Germany made a decision on the need for restoration work, during which the monument to the Liberator Soldier in Berlin was dismantled and sent to the upgrade.It passed almost half a year, resulting in the May 2004 updated figure of the Soviet hero returned to the original place.

The statue "The Warrior-liberator"

sculptor of the monument to the Liberator Soldier Eugene Vucetic today - the most famous monumental Soviet era.

most famous work
City name Year
Volgograd Mamayev Kurgan
Moscow, Lubyanka Square monument to Dzerzhinsky 1958
Gift UN

The figure "Perekuёm swords into plowshares."

widespread calls for the preservation of peace

Berlin monument to Soviet soldiers 1949

Who is the hero?

monument in Berlin was carried out using the figures of the Soviet soldier - hero Nikolai Maslov, a native of the village of Voznesenka.He lived this heroic man in the Tula region of Kemerovo region.He succeeded during the storming of Berlin in April 1945, save the little German girl.During the operation for the liberation of Berlin from the remnants of the fascist forces she was only 3 years old.She sat in the ruins of a building near the body of the deceased mother and wept bitterly.

Once the bombing was formed among the small calm, crying hear the Red Army.Maslov, without thinking, his way of firing zone of a child asking his colleagues to cover as much as possible with the help of fire support.The girl managed to save from the fire, but the hero was a very serious injury.

German authorities have not forgotten the generosity of the Soviet man, and in addition to the monument to perpetuate his memory by hanging at the Potsdam bridge plate, which tells in detail about his feat for a German child.

Details biography

Nikolai Maslov spent most of his adult life in the harsh Siberian.All the men in his family were hereditary blacksmiths, so the future of the boy was thought initially predefined.His family was large enough, given that, apart from him, the parents had five children to raise more - 3 boys and 2 girls.Until the beginning of military action Nikolay worked as a tractor in his native village.

As soon as he turned 18, he was drafted into the Soviet army, where he graduated from prep school minomёtchikov.Exactly one year after he first came to the army, his regiment was first confronted with the realities of war, it came under German bombardment at the Bryansk front near Kastornaya.

battle was very long and hard.Three Soviet soldiers managed to escape from the fascist environment.And you must pay attention to the fact that even in such a difficult situation, the soldiers were able to keep the cost of many lives banner, which they received in Siberia in the early days of the creation of the regiment.The children managed to escape from an environment composed of 5 people, one of which was oil.All other knowingly gave their lives in the Bryansk forests for the life and freedom of the Fatherland.

successful career

Survivors reformed, and Nikolai Maslov hit the legendary 62nd Army under General Chuikov.Siberians managed to win at Mamayev Kurgan.Nicholas and his closest comrades repeatedly buried dugout rubble mixed with clods of earth flying from all sides.However, colleagues returned and dug them.

After participating in the Stalingrad battle Nicholas was appointed as an assistant in the signs of the plant.No one could not assume that the simple country boy comes to most of Berlin in the pursuit of the Nazis.

In all the years of his stay in the war Nicholas managed to become an experienced warrior, perfectly owning weapons.When he reached Berlin, he and his comrades took the city in a dense ring.His 220th regiment was advancing along the river Spree to the government department.

When before the assault was about an hour, the soldiers heard out of the ground crying.There are the ruins of an old building, clinging to his mother's corpse, sat a little girl.All this Nikolay learned that under the guise of friends could get to the ruins.Grabbing a child, Nicholas run ran back to his receiving a serious injury on the road, which has not prevented a par with all commit truly heroic feat.

Description of the monument "Warrior-liberator»

As soon as the last bastion of fascism was taken by Soviet soldiers, Eugene Vucetic met with Maslow.The story of the rescued girl told him the idea to create a monument to the Liberator Soldier in Berlin.He was supposed to symbolize the dedication of a Soviet soldier, protects against the threat of fascism is not only the world, but also each individual.

central part of the exhibition is the figure of a soldier who is holding the child with one hand, and the second a sword, dropped to the ground.Under the feet of the hero of the Soviet Union lay the wreckage of the swastika.

Park, which was established a memorial, is famous by the fact that there have found the peace of a 5000 Soviet soldiers.According to the initial idea to the point where there is a monument to the Liberator Soldier in Berlin was supposed to be a statue of Stalin holding a globe.Thus symbolizing that the Soviet government holds the whole world under his control, and never allow the threat of fascism.

Additional facts

not be amiss to notice more and the fact that a sign of victory over Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union issued a coin 1 ruble, on the back of which was sealed by the labor Eugene Vucetic - "Warrior-liberator."

This idea belonged directly to the famous Marshal Kliment Voroshilov-hero.Once the Potsdam Conference came to an end, he summoned the sculptor and asked to create a sculpture that shows what the price went to the world and what will happen to anyone who has ever encroached on its integrity.

sculptor agreed, but decided to err and created an additional option sculpture of a Soviet soldier with a gun and a baby in her arms.Stalin approved this option, but ordered the machine to replace the sword with which a simple soldier will cut the last character of fascism, whose role and played the swastika.

not to say that a monument to the Liberator Soldier in Berlin is just a prototype Nikolai Maslov.This piece, a collective image of soldiers who selflessly defended their homeland.

After boiling for six months working on the creation of shapes, "Warrior-Liberator" began to rise in Treptow Park, with its view of the substantial height can be anywhere in the park.