International Day without paper - support for the protection of natural resources

how much paper is wasted in the world every day, every year?Tons of tens and hundreds of tons!Experts estimate that most papers do not spend pupils and students, and employees of the modern office.It also revealed the biggest reserves of its economy.In support of the appeal of public men and care for natural resources has arisen International Day without paper.

What is this holiday?

In the world there are many special holiday - the Day of the physician, accountant Day, Miner's Day, Teacher's Day and other days that are dedicated professionals.Recently added to the list another holiday - International Day without paper.The story of his appearance begins in 2010, when the association AIIM supported the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčconservation of natural resources.Keep paper - means to protect the forest.Since then, every year the world's leading companies from various sectors of the economy in support of the action, every fourth Thursday of October International Day conducted without paper.

How many cubic meters of
wood each day passes through the printer?

to make 100 packs of A4 sheets, it takes about one cubic meter of wood.How quickly used up the pack?Even small office draws up a couple of thousands of documents a year - contracts, invoices, statements, invoices, and other registries.How many sheets of paper goes to 1, and how many drafts have been spent until finishing options?It is difficult to calculate, even approximately, but immediately begs an answer: a lot of wasted paper, and with it trees, electricity, water.

International Day without paper just has to draw public attention to this issue.The purpose of the meeting is to call for rational and conscious use of natural resources.

How to find reserves of economy?

Recent statistics show that the volume of paper use around the world grew by 20%.It is difficult to say whether this is due to the increase in economic activity or growth of negligence.In any case, those who came up with the International Day without paper, ways to promote such savings:

  • Save on drafts.Before you print the final version of the document carefully to deduct it on your computer.
  • Use the preview mode before printing.This will help to reduce the amount used by the format sheets.
  • To start up documents for printing a smaller font.
  • use the minimum intervals and the narrow field.
  • Print on both sides.
  • Implement enterprise electronic document management system.Instructions, manufacturing routings, orders, orders and other internal documents can be trusted electronic media.
  • training of new employees, training of skilled workers, and testing can be successfully carried out in electronic form.
  • regular mail may be replaced by electronic.
  • Place near the printers and copiers catchy slogans: "Think twice before you print!"or "How do you throw the paper today?"

bright minds can still continue this list, come up with their effective methods of saving paper.

methods support action

Those who have never participated in the action, can become members of the "International Day without paper-2015".This is easy and completely free.It is enough to just talk about this event, colleagues, business partners, and the fourth Thursday of October to remind all e-mail that today the International Day without paper.

It would be very good if each office staff and everyone always carefully and deliberately treated to natural resources, and not just during the holidays.