Shurin - who is on a relative?

technological progress has led to the fact that close to each other people are now talking less and less.Sometimes even sisters and brothers ceased to see, at best, used for telephone and internet communication, good now we can see each other on the screen, even if you are thousands of kilometers away from his interlocutor.

narrowing circle of relatives

recently loved ones living in large families, trying to settle, if not under the same roof, at least in the neighborhood.Relatives were united by common interests, they helped each other cope with the difficulties, celebrated holidays together.

Who native people communicate more narrow range.Basically, grandparents, children, grandchildren.

Why we do not know his second cousins ​​and furrowed brow, wondering, "Shurin - who is on a relative?»

The fact is that with the development of society, the relief of living and working people to become more independent fromother.Previously, for example, to perestirat underwear, was required to find two or t

hree hours of free time, now this problem is solved by simply pressing a button.People communicate more closely, because the aid was necessary, without the support of relatives and friends were hard to live.


When two people decide to start a family, the relatives are not only they, but also their loved ones.

young wife becomes father-in-law, who becomes for her husband's parents.For them it will be daughter in law or daughter-in.In the face of the sister of the wife of a young woman takes in-law and brother for her husband will Devereaux.The newly spouse affinity with the father and mother of his wife, who acquire the status of a caring father in law and mother in law.The brother of his second half will now be with his wife and his brother-in-law.Wife's sister and her husband - a sister-in-law relation and.Yesterday's bride will be the mother-in-law and father in law.If, however, the couple will live in the family of the couple, it can also be called Primakov, that is, those who are accepted.After the wedding, the young parents are matchmakers to each other.

Three groups of kinship

  1. related by blood - this group merged immediate relatives.For example, a mother and son, brother and sister, father and daughter.
  2. cousins ​​- that is, people become "us" through marriage.Hence names such as sister-, a relative.
  3. crony connections.Relatives in this case are of the rite of baptism (godson and godmother).

Shurin - who is on a relative?

So, brother in law - is none other than the brother of the wife.From a word get this name?

«Shurin screws up his eyes."Probably, this proverb says that a loving wife's brother is watching closely, does not offend any of his sister, a young husband.

word-law is likely to have a common root with the word "sew."That is a relative who "stitched" to the young family through the marriage of his sister.

Interestingly, in the English language there is a word sure, which in Russian should be translated as a true and reliable.

Shurin - who is on a relative applies to your family.It supports most of the young people, to help them.This relative may be the godfather of the child pairs that will further strengthen intra-family communication.

husband sister - in-law has to understand it - needs his help in establishing relationships with his wife and her parents.The two men could well get along with each other, especially if they have a small age difference.Common interests to make them real friends and family will be stronger, more friendly, more.

at strengthening such a relationship, of course, affects intra-mentality.To brother and husband have become closer and dearer to each other sister must remember that there are holidays that they can celebrate together.If it is to communicate more with his wife's brother, organize common feast, invite to walk with children, men are bound to be better communicate with each other.Brother-wife, by the way, we have a young daughter the family.If the spouses do not have a brother, his sister can take care to introduce him to a pretty unmarried friend who would become his second half.

Who is the brother-in-law relation

- a husband, wife's sister.These families tend to be reliable, because they both became family after marriage and equally feeling the character traits and mother-in-law.

relationship between in-laws may develop differently.In some families, they become friends, communicate "in my own way," and even friends.Rarely, but it happens that the ratio of these relatives by marriage does not add up.

Normally, if there is light between the brother-rivalries, which is expressed in Nezlobnaya jokes during joint sittings.

to strengthen relations between the two men can do much the wife and sister.For example, you can go with the families of the nature or holidays.However, it is not necessary to organize such events are too frequent and intrusive.Much better if the communication is welcome, but it needs to have time to miss each other.

sister-sister- in-law - is the wife's sister.She is the wife-laws.Basically sisters communicate with each other very well, they support each other.This is especially evident when these two children are born.

Sometimes, though, the two women can compete with each other a little bit.This is not fair.Healthy competition leads to an improvement in the relationship between husband and wife.

crony ties

Kum and godmother to the child can be both close relatives and friends of the family.Definitely give advice on whom to choose as godparents, can be given.

If, for example, they will be one of your cousins, then the question of who is a brother-in-law relation and you will always be able to answer that this godfather of your son or daughter.They become your family more through the baptism of your child.

Close friends can also be a good Kum.This "relationship" will contribute to your rapprochement, the strengthening of friendly relations.

How to communicate with cousins ​​

These are people who, apparently, are not for the immediate family of a young family.However, contact with them can significantly affect the relationship between husband and wife.

When a spouse talks to the brother of its second half, it should be remembered that in-law - who is on a relative close to his wife, so misunderstandings in conjunction with it may badly affect his relationship with his wife.

For honeymooners, it is important to support each other and do not talk bad about cousins.After all, they are now one family.As a husband should remember who falls in-law to his wife, and a young wife should not forget that the brother-in-law - is the brother of her husband.