Original and quick hairstyle for Christmas party

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No installation, no scissors, and the effect will shake all those who will have to surround this magical night.And another advantage of our idea - as soon as you get tired of it, you can easily part with it, without compromising the health of the hair.Intrigued?Getting Started!

now and do not remember which of the shows for the first time this idea was born, or any of the first celebrities to support it.But it is not so important.More importantly, the pastel highlights (monochrome or multi-colored) has become fashionable touch to any evening image.

To ideas manufacturers of hair dyes have already prepared a new palette, and companies producing overhead strands of hair and wigs, does promote their new range corresponding trend.

But we do not need.We will achieve the desired effect on its own, without any chemicals and, of course, without the involvement of a barber from the side.Moreover, in terms of money, we will be a new hairstyle is mere penny!

So our idea, tried and tested.We'll dye your hair yourself at home, and without the use of sophisticated technology.The whole procedure runs out three simple steps.

you need:

- Rubber gloves (procedure is not dangerous for the skin, the gloves are needed only for reasons of hygiene and cleanliness, then it is easier to wash hands).

- old towel or T-shirt (they will have to throw on the shoulders).

- Spray with water (simplifies the process, but the thing is not mandatory, it is possible and without it).

- Hairpins (or crab clips to hold the hair you do not want to paint).

- most important! Pastel oil-based (still referred to as wax crayons).Sold in stores for artists.The whole package (where all colors) is expensive.Well, if you find a mini-package, they are not as expensive.

Step 1.

Separate a section of which will be painting and soak it with water spray.If you do not spray, wet wet comb.

Step 2.

Paint pastel lock until the paint falls.Better to do it all on the table and a piece of paper.However, if the length of your hair does not allow to do this, you have to somehow adapt himself, patience and imagination.

Step 3.

laying.When the strands are painted, you can start laying - or leave your hair loose or braid light braid, or screwed into the tongs.

And most importantly - wash these strands is not difficult, and after a bright party already in the morning can be brought before the dean of the image of a humble student.In order to remove the paint, is enough 2-3 times thoroughly rinse your hair with shampoo.

Good luck on New Year's party and a Happy 2012!

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