How to download press without leaving home

Every once in my life thought that his figure requires adjustment.And most criticized area is of course the stomach muscles which threaten ugly droop every time you relax, play sports and stop abusing sweet reception.And yet, to deal with this nuisance you will sooner or later start.And then you useful information on how to download the press, that your actions have the greatest effect.

Even many bodybuilders do not know how to do it correctly.They forget that the abdominal muscles are located not only directly, but obliquely, and transversely there are external and internal.Monotonous and wrong set of exercises can backfire and lead to an increase in the size of the waist.This article provides examples of how to download the press to develop the abdominal muscles are organized.

Start with the fact that the question of how to properly swing the press, ask your doctor.He can give you the best advice and even specify a set of exercises that you have to be most suitable.Repeat to yourself the anatomy of the human body structure and examine the description of the abdominal muscles.Then you yourselves will soon know what you need to make greater efforts to train some muscles.If you have completed these steps, you can choose for yourself one of those exercises that are described below and decide for themselves how to swing a press you.

most famous exercise among those who are thinking about how to properly swing a press abdomen - a rise in the body.It is aimed at the rectus abdominis.When it is running, it is important to fix the correct starting position, otherwise you risk to disrupt the waist.Feet should be firmly and directly located on the floor.Back should be increased gradually, starting from the top, then go on to lift the middle and then load back, rounding the spine as much as possible, bending the shoulders towards the pelvis.In no event it is impossible to make any sudden jerks of the body.Just smooth a guarantee that you will not harm yourself.

following exercise as a series of how to download the press abdomen, and also aims to direct and underlying muscles.This rise of the legs from the original lying position.First legs half-bent knees are brought to the state level of the pelvis, and then lifted directly the pelvis.This hands need to hold on to something stable such as a bench, located behind the head.Flapping prohibited, it is necessary to raise the legs slowly to avoid injury waist.Diversify data traffic recommend lifting the legs in the vise, which is carried out on the bar.

effective for those who have pondered the question of how to pump up the press, are the so-called curling.To do this, sit on the floor, throw in the hands behind the head and legs put in a position as if you were sitting on a conventional chair.And begin to "wind down", bringing the shoulders to the pelvis, as you exhale, knees touch the head.Linger in that position for a moment and return to the starting position.This exercise trains the obliques and intercostals muscles.Exercise, despite the simplicity of description, rather complicated.You can diversify his side twists.His assimilation takes time, but then the result is obvious.

and complete discussion on how to pump up the press, exercises for the trunk and bending, so-called "Roman chair."The first exercise is performed, holding the handrails, and is the torso forward until the forehead touches the floor.And the second - is the deviation of the body back from the "sitting on the bench, his arms crossed over his chest."And then, and another good exercise affects the direct intercostal and serratus muscle.

With regular exercises and correctly compiled a set of exercises to achieve a beautiful figure can be in a very short time.