What is genocide, and why we are so often faced with this concept?

Today, our compatriot inquisitive watching international relations and bickering divergent political groups in the country, is often faced with the concept of "genocide".However, such discussions from a constructive exchange of views in the press and on television on a regular basis are converted to a stream of mutual accusations and the desire to pose as a victim of the opposite side, thus creating for her villainous image.And sometimes it is quite difficult to find out for yourself after the fact, and that is genocide?In order to understand this question, we, first of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the relevant documents of the United Nations, and secondly, to plunge into the history of international relations and to consider similar cases on which hang the label.


first thesis about the existence of this phenomenon has been raised during the Second World War, as a response to the need to provide an adequate assessment of the German war crimes against civilians.The question of what the genocide was initiated by the Polish Jew Rafael Lemkin in connection with large-scale shares fascist command of the systematic extermination of six million people of the Jewish population.The main thing here is the fact of the destruction of the Jewish population is for the simple reason that they were Jews.Thus, we can make the first conclusion is that this genocide: it is the destruction of certain people on the basis of ethnic hostility.So, the head of the Auschwitz concentration camp, Rudolf Hess was very proud of his innovation, which allowed more quickly and on a large scale to destroy the Jews in the gas chambers.He came up with to use for this pesticide and crystals cyclone B, which very quickly cause suffocation.

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Officially, the term "genocide" as a crime against humanity, the UN has been fixed December 9, 1948.Convention in connection with the question of what genocide, characterized it as an act aimed at the destruction of a particular religious, ethnic and national groups with the aim of destroying it completely or partially.In addition to direct killing Convention equated to genocide deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of adverse life that will lead to its destruction, injury to certain members of ethnic or religious group, actions aimed at preventing births, forcible selection of children from the group.


In his logic, Raphael Lemkin, in addition to the Jewish question, and appealed to the existing Armenian issue.It is about the genocide of the Armenian population in the Ottoman Empire in 1915-1923.However, there is a problem, because of which is not so easy to prove the deliberate genocide.The fact that the Armenian side looks like a deliberate large-scale destruction of their nation, the Turks - the suppression of anti-government riots fair with simultaneous destruction of criminal elements.Of course, the numbers of victims are also being challenged.Of special note is the genocide of the Ukrainian people during Stalin's collectivization 1932-33 year.For some it is the deliberate destruction of seven million Ukrainians as a nation of peasant proprietors.For others, it costs incidental punitive apparatus, fascinated by things in order.


Anyway, the concept of genocide in our time become extremely popular due to its attractiveness for cementing the people's historical memory.Already one can often find the statement that conducted genocide of the Russian people.After all, if such statements gain a critical mass of support, they will become a rallying point for the people, and its distributor will be in a very advantageous position.