Politics - the art of management

policy - it is translated from the Greek language, the art of government, international relations, society.

This is not the only definition that characterizes the concept.There are alternative:

- is the management and stewardship of resources;

- one of the areas of activity, which is associated with the relationship between different social groups, which determines the form and content of the task of the country as a whole;

- a special phenomenon in the public life, covering completely all forms of interaction in society and activities for the implementation and management in the production process;

- the desire for dominion and influence the redistribution of power in interstate or intrastate relations;

- behavioral model of organizations to achieve the goals or interests (for example, accounting policy - a form of government organization determines its accounting).

form of government in the international arena determines foreign policy.This definition covers all areas of relations: the economic activities to the arts.

policy - is any program of action or any kind of management activities with something and someone.

It can be represented in the form of currents or of any movements in the community.Public organizations and associations of various interests and policies.This, for example, the party and the church.

In ancient politics are largely dominated by philosophers or thinkers who interpreted it as a "royal art" of managing other activities, from public speaking to the military and judicial activities.Plato said that the correct direction of policy can protect and make the best of every citizen.Machiavelli saw it in terms of knowledge, the essence of which is the right and wise rule.

A little later there was another definition: a policy - it is a struggle of class interests.So it looked Karl Max.

According to modern concepts, the policy includes activities in the public interest, and a set of behaviors and institutions that are engaged in the regulation of social relations and the creation of powerful control and competition for the possession of power.

There are two approaches to the understanding of this concept: the consensus and confrontational.

basis of a consensus of understanding, politicians want to turn to the public acts, which will focus on understanding and collaboration in order to achieve a higher public good - freedom.

If we consider this concept to the confrontational side, politics - is the result of a public struggle between different groups of people.

definition depends on what the main aspect of political activity will be accented.Depending on the direction of action of the state or organization can distinguish social, domestic and foreign policy.If we look at the profile of activity, isolated state, military, technical, policy, politics, parties and other species.