Democratic Party of the United States - a key element of the political system

Party of the United States are the core of the political system of the state.Established back in the 1850s, two-party system is a peculiar swing when coming to power one of the two main political forces - the Republican or Democratic Party.

beginning of the era of virtually unchallenged reign of these two parties is considered to be 1852, at which none of the other of the more than a hundred existing political organizations have never been able to get involved in any presidential election, any distribution of seats in Congress.

Democratic Party of the United States has long been an unspoken rivalry is with the British Tories and the Whigs for the right to be the oldest political organization in history.It is believed that it dates back to 1792, when he first announced itself in software projects Dzhefffersona T. and E. Jackson.

Like any other serious political organization, the Democratic Party of the US has its own symbols.The primary colors - blue, and its emblem - a donkey.This animal is, by the way, means that the members of the organization are ready to overcome any difficulties on the way to achieve an important goal, they are ready to overcome any kind of stubborn obstacles to win and retain power in their hands.

the Democratic Party in the United States knew of his long history as the ups and not too successful periods.The first landmark era in its history should be considered 1828-1860 years., When it is almost completely dominated the political scene of the young American nation.But much has changed since the beginning of 1861 the Civil War.That's when the confrontation began Democrats to the Republican Party, whose leader and founder, Abraham Lincoln became the US (and worldwide), symbol of the struggle against slavery.

new successful period in the history of the Democratic Party starts in 1912 and is associated with the names of famous politicians like Woodrow Wilson, who was not afraid to draw the United States into World War I, and FDRoosevelt, largely thanks to the work that the Americans managed to overcome the consequences of the Great Depression, and make a significant contribution to the Allied victory in World War II.

of numerous galaxy of Democratic presidents of the second half of the twentieth century is especially noted John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton.The first attempt of the famous wide-ranging reforms, the main purpose of which proclaims the movement for equality and tolerance in American society.Clinton was in power in the turbulent 1990s, when the world is faced with the problem of international terrorism and the growth of the financial crisis.

Democratic Party of the United States over the past few decades has positioned itself socially oriented force that is ready to compromise, not only domestically but also internationally.Its leaders adhere sufficiently flexible views on the problems of unemployment and social inequality.

Democratic Party of the United States is a prominent political organization, which provided the software installation and have a tangible impact on parties and public organizations worldwide.

Well, now you possess basic information about what are the political parties, the United States.