Psychological, medical and pedagogical commission as a way to help people with problems of physical and mental health

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psychological, medical and pedagogical commission - is not only a survey of children or adults with certain health problems.This is the name and the authority to diagnose and identify the software correction that will help a person adapt to modern society and realize themselves.It consists only of the professionals: speech therapists, doctors, psychologists and administrative staff.

What compiled commission?

This body should be established in the event that a team there are children who need support.Psychological, medical and pedagogical commission is obliged to decide who will accompany the child to follow the dynamics of the actions of correctional programs, as well as its effectiveness.

creates a council of experts of the institution in which the problem is detected.If the school (garden, boarding) are not able to attract staff from their own state, they can seek help from the local (regional) authorities to provide them with the necessary personnel.

All materials shall be the chairman of the commission.And they can not be destroyed throughout the period of observation of the child.At the time of diagnosis should definitely take into account the age and individual personality traits.

Tasks PMPC

psychological, medical and pedagogical commission convened to have been carried out:

- diagnosis and support of children with some health problems throughout the educational process;

- examination of kids who have specific learning difficulties, communication, adaptation to the world;

- creating an effective program development, compensation and assistance to children with disabilities in health;

- psychological, medical and pedagogical commission should identify all spare capacities of the child, which will help to optimize the learning process;

- monitoring the effectiveness of the rehabilitation program flow;

- the organization of a healthy social environment for the normal development of children, which is characterized by excluding any traumatic mental, physical and emotional health of children factors;

- fixing the dynamics of child development and the effectiveness of rehabilitation.

should be noted that a commission can initiate as a teacher, and parents.

Species PMPC

In most cases, when nursing professionals covers several schools of the city, the district is created medical, psychological and pedagogical commission.It should work on the basis of those results, which receives from the professional staff.To work in the Commission may be held by professionals of the regional level.Naturally, it has a territorial restrictions: operates within a specific district.

However, the district council is subject to the principal by national authorities.The central psychological, medical and pedagogical commission usually consists of the best specialists in the country.

In principle, the specific differences between the actions presented is not a consultation.They are all aimed at prosperous adaptation of children to life in society.Differences occur only in the professionals and their numbers.