5 phrases angers chief

Certain statements

employees act on the chiefs, to say the least exciting.The result of this excitation can be reprimanded, and the scandal, and even dismissal.

Especially recommended not to tell the boss the following phrases:

1. «I do not understand!".

The answer can be heard: "Dear, and on its place there you are?You come to work, or cool off?I'm all you have explained told and gave a try, what do you need? »
point here is that we should not wait for a totally chewed information badged you on a silver platter.Try to find information on their own.
bosses often simply indicates the direction of the work.
If further clarification is still needed, then just say so, they say, could you clarify this and the moment, but do not say you're something they do not understand.

2. «I'm not guilty!»

every life and at work is probably really to blame for the failure of the task is not you, and coincidence or something else.Here
and consecrate the chief of all the nuances of the situation before you say that you are in no way to blame.

And best of all not to tell.
beginning itself to analyze the situation, bearing in mind that the task given to you, not someone else, and thus allocated some resources and a clear deadline.If
for the failure really you should be responsible, honest to admit it.
trying to slander someone or blame magnetic storms, solar flares, and the magic of voodoo, you first harm only themselves.

3. «I do not hire."

situation, of course, are different.
sometimes is really worth to understand that you have clearly defined responsibilities, but firmly adhere to this position is not necessary.
If you can not perform the requested operation on you, explain why.
And it happens that just need to help a human being.

4. «What are you saying?Repeat, please. "

If we communicate the boss about some task or project, be good to listen to it carefully, and not to think about my body (that is, about all sorts of sores, if any), family problems, or that morning blackcat ran across the road to you.
clarifies the definition of the details, of course, is because of how well you will understand the job that determines the final result.
But in no case can not give the boss know that you just missed his words deaf ears.
If you ask a question, ask it on the merits and do not repeat.

5. «Chef!I urgently need to talk with you - it's wildly important! »

If it is wildly important to you, then talk about this for personal communication with the boss, but not at the moment, when you're trying to communicate is the most become compressed.
any prior explain why you so urgently need to distract the boss.
He has enough problems of its own, so if you want to be respectful of your questions, and show respect to others.

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