The psychological portrait of personality: an example of writing by Platonov

How to write a psychological portrait of the person?Examples on this subject is quite varied, but before they give, we should remember that each person has a certain type of nervous system: choleric, sanguine, melancholic and phlegmatic.It is proved that in a pure form belonging to a particular type of nervous activity is rare.Most often combined in one individual set of personal qualities that can be adjusted.

basis of temperament, however, remains constant.How is it possible to trace in practice?Before you assess the psychological portrait of personality, an example of writing should focus on how a person versed in the society.One goes through life without departing from the clear rules, the other, on the contrary, has resorted to creative and innovative methods.

Psychologists are unanimous in their opinion that one should start with a description of temperament.Without this it is impossible to make a psychological portrait of a person.Sample any characteristic displays first type of nervous system.

Sanguine and choleric

Each temperament type stands out for its peculiarity, so each person requires an individual approach.Sanguine - owners of a strong nervous system and can easily survive the change of mental processes: the excitement they quickly replaced brake and vice versa.Because of this, they tend to not always fulfill the promise and need to be controlled.

But their positive traits usually outweigh the negative.Such persons are endowed with communication skills, sociability and optimism.In most cases, sanguine - leaders often hold management positions in social life.

Choleric notoriously unbalanced nervous system.The excitation of them prevails over inhibition.Choleric feel the need to be busy all the time.They, as well as sanguine, aspire to leadership, but often too assertive and quick-tempered.

therefore often found surrounding the choleric and violent conflict.However, their energy and commitment can only envy.They recommended to realize themselves in society as military, rescue, medical.

Phlegmatic and melancholic

The researchers concluded that the phlegmatic endowed with a strong type of nervous system.But, in contrast to the sanguine, these individuals are inert.They long to make decisions and assess their strength slowly.

It is important to customize phlegmatic, otherwise they will be very frustrating and can throw the begun business.Many believe that these individuals are often inclined to succumb to gloomy thoughts.But in fact, they rarely get depressed.Their positive traits - consistency, reliability and thoroughness.

Melancholic - the owners of weak unbalanced type of nervous system.
They are very sensitive and tend to get upset when they are under pressure and give sharp orders.Because of its soft melancholic often can not fight back the dictator and turn in on themselves.

It eloquently reflects their psychological portrait of a person.Example of pisihologii shows that such individuals, it is important to master the professions related to communication and concern for others.After all the distinctive features of melancholic - is the ability to empathize and to show mercy.

psychological portrait of a person.Example of writing

Perhaps many readers will think: "Is it important characteristic of the person today?"In fact, social life requires the implementation of an individual.And it is important that the work was not only a useful and well-paid, but also brings moral satisfaction to man.

Platonov method can help the modern employer properly involved in the process of activity of each member of the team.For example, the scientist emphasizes that phlegmatic works best with melancholic, choleric - a sanguine.In addition, Platonov allocated from the structure of a person's character notes:

  • attitude to work.In this case the estimated hard work, responsibility, initiative person.The main question is whether he realizes his potential, given to him by nature or not.
  • attitude towards others.It is known that the production process involved in the relationship, and how they are harmonious, independent coordination of work and the final result.Therefore, measures how responsive, respectful and flexible individual in society.
  • to himself.Today the motto is "love yourself" does not lose relevance.After all, a person who cares about his appearance, a healthy lifestyle is not only pleasant emotions, but the ability to attract positive developments.That is why the beginner is advised to pay attention to their appearance, when he was going for an interview.

Example characteristics

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that everyone is able to create a psychological portrait of a person.Example of writing about yourself might be: "The basis of my temperament - melancholic.I am hardworking and responsible measure.Minus - mistrust that prevents me to achieve success.I am acting in accordance with their natural potential and is able to produce a confidence with the help of psychological training.Relationships in the team does not always add up safely.I'm friendly, but shy, barely defend their opinion.To myself I'm pretty picky, much doubt have a few bad habits, but try to get rid of them. "

This method helps the person to overcome psychological barriers, adjust their behavior and change many things in my life for the better.The head, in turn, often focuses on the psychological portrait of a person.The sample usually involves writing a free form, but there are large companies, which provide the service pattern.

How does the method of Platonov in psychology?

In fact, the above method has been used successfully in the field of psychiatry and psychology.After all, before help a person to solve his problems, the expert gives a description of his personal qualities.

So, how to write a psychological portrait of the person?Examples of this are various.One of them involves, besides the description of the type of temperament, even the definition of the emotional side of human nature.For example, experts consider 4 types of emotions: the demonstrative, pedantic, stuck excitable.

demonstrative type is characterized by its emotionality.These people violently express their emotions and often "play to the audience."But thanks to his artistry they can well understand the interlocutor.Therefore, if the representative of the demonstrative type sought the help of a specialist to help him to choose a profession, the most successful recommendation for it - choose the public activities.Or, you can be trained social worker.

pedantic personality type prone to indecision and constant fear.He is characterized by hesitation and doubt.However, the positive qualities - punctuality, reasonableness and accuracy - are taken as a basis for expert help and to offer this type of a certain method of resolving the situation.

two difficult type

Are there difficulties when drawn a psychological portrait of the person?Example of writing on Platonov shows that yes, it happens.For example, allocate 2 types of personality: getting stuck and excitable.At first glance they look like.

And some individuals are able to weave in nature.But the professional of the business is still able to understand this.For example, a person stuck types differ in that they are able to for a long time not to show negative emotions."Revenge - a dish best served cold" - an expression that is perfect to describe their condition.Such individuals are touchy, vindictive.First of all they offer programs to get rid of old grudges.

excitable personality type is shown in the constant discontent and irritability.These negative effects lead to the fact that the individual is in conflict with the world and himself.What causes this condition?The psychologist is working with thoroughly converted, and bit by bit trying to collect all the details of life events, given his temperament, genetic characteristics, social conditions and the circle of acquaintances.

method Platonov in society

Palatonova the method of resorting to various creative show, politics, science.Indeed, in this activity are the most important psychological portrait.Well-known personalities, as well as the common man, it is impossible to avoid such characteristics.In this case, the teachings of Plato proposes to consider the intellectual and human orientation.

That is, whether it has a certain talent and will be able to implement it, based on the strength of will?In addition, experts taken into account the human ability to control your emotions in the heat of passion and control of mood and feelings.

Self-assessment - based on the characteristics

experts pay special attention self-esteem of the individual.Many social activities make this a special emphasis when make a psychological portrait of a person.Example of writing: "Korolev Ivan Stepanovich has good mathematical ability, but low self-esteem.Can he manage the team?Currently - no. "

This is not the whole list of issues that affect Konstantin Platonov in his writings.Description of the personal qualities of a person depends on the circumstances and activities that their requests.As a rule, a psychological portrait is unique and can be kept confidential.