Lessons practical astrology compatibility female lion and a male Pisces

Verifying your life with the stars, you should always pay attention to certain signs, which gives us the sky.At the time noted by correctly interpreted, they help us to avoid many errors, including fatal.Or do not go past your happiness for a moment flashed like a meteor.Especially important in the regeneration of the astrologer's advice privacy.After all, the family - this is the castle, the walls of which we used to lick their wounds, hiding to wait out the storm and rain outside world, derive spiritual and physical strength for life and struggle.

Goldfish for Lionesses

As you may have guessed, the article it goes on the fairy tale by Pushkin, and how can the compatibility of female lion and a male fish.Let's skip forward a lady, that is,start with her.Lioness - real fighting girlfriend.This woman luxury, bright, energetic, business.Around them all and boils and boils.It is said of these: in bed - a courtesan, in the kitchen - the perfect hostess in a children - exemplary mother in the living ro

om - a society lady.And with each of its role, or rather incarnation, as a rule, Lionesses cope perfectly well.Having a strong temperament, powerful character, such individuals are trying to subjugate others, to extend its influence on them.They want to shine and reign, sometimes for the sake of these ladies are ready to perform the feat, and even go on sacrifice.How real is in this situation compatibility female lion and a male Pisces?How to suggest the stars, alas, it is ephemeral and is close to zero.Why is that?Because Pisces - starry-eyed dreamers.As Lions, they too are not averse to live in a castle?but either air or built by someone.In contrast to the ambitious work of representatives of the royal sign of "Neptune subjects" do not like and do not want to make it out of extreme necessity.Their element - the dreams, and everything connected with them: poetry, music, creativity.This artistic nature, smart, gifted and talented.But in order to be realized, they must always get help from others outside.That's what women denied the compatibility of Leo and Pisces male.Become a spiritual and material "crutch" Lionesses are not willing, or rather, it never comes this idea in his head.Rather, this lady wants to get hold of yourself for yourself goldfish to quickly reach the heights of social and other, take a decent step on the career ladder.

intimate sphere

only thing, perhaps, that at any time can bring together a couple, it's sex.Only in this area can be compatible female lion and a male fish.Fish-aesthetic is not only art, but also in love.Weak character, such men are strong in love games, skilled and bright.They are gentle, creative, affectionate, passionate.As a rule, have nehily temperament and sexual potency.Here on this soil and formed an alliance of Leo and Pisces.But there is at certain, so to speak, conditions.For Lioness Fish - something like bedding, living sex toy.They may be together until the bedding is not fun bored fire women or endless prodding not withdraw himself from the phlegmatic representatives sign of water.It was then, and say the full differences in views, passions, life priorities, and the rest of the other things, what is in our human existence.However, even for what reason can be compatible with Lion Fish - the ability to empathize with the first, sympathize, empathize.Even the arrogant woman and eternally restless seeker of vital goods and victories sometimes need to talk, complain to the vest on someone's chest.Who are willing to fish them and substitute.

stars Believe or not - a private matter.But perhaps it is worth listening to.