We are preparing for the New Year holidays in 2012: A few words about the pedicure

Not far off the New Year holidays, and we can not ignore our feet.Of course, a manicure - it's fine.But if this toenails perfectly groomed, it's a measure of untidiness and bad taste.It should be beautiful in all respects.

Processing feet is called a pedicure.It also includes massage, softening foot bath, removal of rough skin and nail treatment.We do not dwell on the massage, but more talk about the treatment of nails.

for softening the skin brake is applied for 15-20 minutes hot baths.As with manicure, best to start treatment with the left foot.Then the skin of the feet should be lubricated with a nourishing cream, and using pumice stone to remove dead skin.If there are calluses on the feet, these must be removed, then it is desirable to close this section of the plaster.

then purified from dirt and nails clipped or sawed them.Unlike fingernails toenails accept only a square shape.When pruning the roots, t. E. A semi-circle, sharply increases the risk of ingrown nail.

and trimming, filing and sh

ould always start from one corner to the middle of the nail.Rasp can be in one direction only, and in any case does not apply force.On his feet though and quite thick nails, but rather vulnerable, they can easily give a crack.But to file toenails can have more rough sawing than used in manicure.

way, excess, ie rough, the skin around the nails and to remove.This is done with the help of tweezers.However, we must try not to hurt the living tissue.All skin irregularities then smoothed with pumice.I would like to reiterate that the pumice is applied only after the lubrication of the treated skin nourishing cream.

After this treatment, the foot should be rinsed again in the bath.Then the leg should be thoroughly wiped with a towel and have already begun to remove the cuticle.This is done in the same way as in the processing of nails on the hands.

Next nails first covered the basis for a colorless varnish.And it is better to start with the thumb, and then move on to the little finger.Then turn comes to the index and ring, and finally - middle finger.This method facilitates the work for the reason that prevents careless lubrication base.

is also advisable to cover the toenails colored varnish.The color of the varnish should be combined with varnish on the nails of hands, lipstick, clothing items, and so on. D. Black lacquer decorate the nails of tanned legs, but for the white-skinned this option undesirable.They'd better choose light colors: pink, gold, white, and so on. D.

On marigolds feet can also be applied design drawings.It is particularly convenient to do it on the nail of the thumb, because it allows the area to fit virtually any pattern.However, gluing feathers and other refinements to the nails is undesirable, since it is equipped with a narrow shoe may cause deformation of the nail.For this reason, you need to forget about piercings and toenails.But tattoo repeating pattern on the legs, will look very original.This is best if the tattoo will focus on the thumb, as in all other cases, the foot will look very wide.

By the way, if you can not put figure on the nail of the little finger because of its small size, it is best to paint only the thumb and all the rest - the background to cover varnish.

And finally, can be cited as one instruction folk wisdom: smart woman looks after himself, and silly - her husband.So be perfect in every way, and then it will certainly affect the heart of the opposite sex.

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