Collaboration - is in vogue ... Kollabortsiya

Collaboration - a concept that has come down to us from the time of World War II.Today its value does not have such devastating consequences for the world, and in some areas of life, even a positive effect on their development.

Meaning of

Collaboration - a joint effort of several people or organizations that have common interests and working towards the same goal.Between them can be exchanged knowledge, although it is possible, and the presence of some competition for the more rapid success.

Collaboration - a concept that is used in all spheres of human life:

  • trade;
  • science;
  • business;
  • music;
  • publishing;
  • education;
  • fashion.

most famous collaborations: H & amp; M

success of the Swedish brand is associated with the production trend of things of good quality and introduction of an advertising campaign known models and stars.Also formed a collaboration H & amp; M and other popular brands of clothing and accessories.

For regular customers, in this case the opportunity to get products of famous international designers at affordable price.

During the entire existence of such a direction the Swedish company has cooperated with many famous designers and stars of show business.

Big name designers who have worked with the Swedish brand:

  • Karl Lagerfeld collection which sold out in two hours.
  • Stella McCartney, the differences in the style of dresses boho-chic.
  • Viktor Horsting and Rolf CHOP, introduced a line of wedding dresses.
  • Roberto Cavalli introduced in the collection of his glamorous sexual aesthetics.
  • Matthew Williamson created a flying dresses that were presented throughout the world.
  • Tamara Mellon has created a limited edition of shoes, dresses and accessories with decorative studs and crystals.
  • Sonia Rykiel presents a collection of knitwear and underwear.
  • Elzab Albert, who was able to realize his own extravagant aesthetics products for the mass market.
  • Isabel Maran.

Collaboration - a cooperation in the field of fashion to create a popular selling brands.Two design home runs for the creation of a single collection, but at the same time remain competitive in the global market.

Collaboration and show business stars

What is collaboration, of course, but that binds the stars of show business with this concept?In today's world it has become commonplace, when the singer released his collection of accessories, clothes or a new perfume.

For companies this is an excellent opportunity to increase the number of sales since the product under the name of the celebrity will be bought immediately.The star then gets extra attention to the person, which is never enough.

examples of just such a crazy set of collaborations:

  • Ryan for the company MAC has created a collection of decorative cosmetics.
  • Natalia Vodianova has developed a collection of underwear.
  • Kate Moss managed to create fourteen lines of clothing.
  • Madonna attributed to a conclusion on the world stage, "Dolce & Gabbana".
  • David Lynch in his 68 years has created a line of sportswear for women, which was not expected by the famous film director.

This list can be replenished, and further, as the stars of show business is growing, and fashion trends are not static.

ratio designers to the concept

Most fashion houses cooperate or have cooperated well with each other or with famous people.Collaboration in fashion has both supporters and opponents among designers.

Many of them believe that such cooperation has a fairly high costs.In addition, it is difficult to pick professionals in various fields.

However, there are several advantages in creating collaborations.The company can expand its audience, tell the world about yourself, maybe even learn something new.Together both sides get their benefits.So, the brand is gaining popularity from the new line of the famous designer, who, in turn, increases the budget for its future development.

success of such cooperation proved the sales of a new line of clothing or accessories.The fame and popularity of the designer in this case plays an important role.Although the case in collaboration and blunders without which the world of fashion is not possible.