How many colors in the rainbow?

bright, cheerful, glowing rainbow since ancient times was considered a symbol of good luck and fortune.If rainbow flashes in the sky, then the day will be a happy and easy.And some even make a wish when they see this beautiful natural phenomenon in the sky.It is believed the number of colors in the rainbow man sees so much and he could make a wish.


Rainbow Rainbow - an optical phenomenon which occurs not only in the sky.In fact, this refraction colors.Physicists have shown that light has a certain range of colors and rainbow demonstrates this.

It arises because of the refraction of light in the tiny droplets of water mist or rain that hover in the atmosphere.Light reflected differently in water droplets, and hence there are different shades.

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Rainbow can be seen not only in the sky.You can see a small rainbow, if you sit next to the fountain and catch the light refraction near the water jet.You can see it on a white sheet of paper, when you write a clear handle on a sunny day.It is also possible to contemplate a rainbow through a prism, if this prism bring to sunlight or ordinary light bulb.

But most of all, of course, we have seen it in the sky.

How many colors in the rainbow

Science has proven that the rainbow has seven colors.It:

  • red;
  • orange;
  • yellow;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • blue;
  • purple.

In ancient times, has not been as much precision optical instruments, to consider carefully how many colors in the rainbow.A human eye can not always accurately determine the color.

Aristotle, for example, singled out only three primary colors - red, yellow and green.But in the absence of traditional Japanese culture, green, why the Japanese believe that the rainbow six colors.

A great mathematician Isaac Newton devoted a lot of time studying the refraction of light and came to the conclusion that the five colors in the rainbow.Then he considered also the sixth - orange.This number - six - seemed to him imperfect descriptions of natural phenomena, so he decided to add a rainbow of blue, which is called "Indigo."

We have 7 and 6

If you think that after the proven fact of scientists, how many colors in the rainbow, all the people in the world have agreed with this statement, it is deeply mistaken.In China, for some reason, believe that the five colors in the rainbow - exactly the same as the elements on the planet.Until now, in Germany, America, Britain, France and other countries children are told that the rainbow is made up of six colors.

Why is this happening?The fact that the blue and blue colors are very similar, they are distinguishable only by the degree of depth.Moreover, in a number of languages, "Blue" and "Blue" have the same name.In the English language to describe these colors there is only one common word.Therefore, so far, and there is such a mess, how many colors in the rainbow.

Remember just

order of colors in the rainbow always the same, no matter what part of the world we are seeing it and what time of day, big or small, long stood in the sky or broke and went out for a few seconds.The first color - is red, which gradually brightens and becomes orange.In turn orange becomes even lighter and becomes yellow.The yellow color gradually turns green, then a blue, which turns into a juicy blue, and the last, the final color of the rainbow - it is purple.

Remember the order of colors in the rainbow is simple enough.We need to learn only one mnemonic phrase - and you can easily call, what colors in the rainbow, without hesitation.So, memorize this sentence: "Every hunter wants to know where sits Pheasant".Plain and simple.Now all you have to just take the first letter of each word and name the color of the rainbow:

  • each - red;
  • Hunter - orange;
  • wishes - yellow;
  • know - green;
  • where - blue;
  • sitting - blue;
  • pheasant - purple.

This phrase about the hunter and the pheasant caught sitting in a Russian-speaking culture.Although there are some good suggestions that remember the rainbow spectrum.For example: "Once Once ringer Jean Broke City Lantern."There are also more modern interpretation: "Every decorator wants to know where to download Adobe Photoshop."

Well, it is, as they say, choose to your taste, how to remember the location of the colors in the rainbow.

warm or cold

rainbow in the sky always seems bright, cheerful, lively and very warm.It shines and sparkles, and it seems that the whole consists of fiery colors.But, nevertheless, it contains and cool tones.

Let's see how many cool colors in the rainbow.Everything that is connected with the blue refers to cold tones.Thus, in a rainbow of three cool colors - blue, blue and green.But purple, which has shades of purple, are neither warm nor cold tones, it is a transition.

Accordingly, the warm colors of the rainbow are three: red, orange and yellow.

this palette, which divides the colors in warm and cold, used by artists and painters.There is even some color circles that divide the solar spectrum into warm, cold and intermediate shades.

Always against the sun

Rainbow always occurs on the opposite side of the sun.So if you look at it, the sun will always shine behind.Most often, there is a rainbow in the morning or evening, and this too is a reasonable explanation from the point of view of physics.When the sun is on the horizon, the rainbow of the most complete and largest.The higher the sun rises, the less it becomes a semi-circle.And when the light rises to a height of 43 degrees relative to the horizon, the rainbow consider impossible.Because the angle of refraction wrong.

red color of the rainbow is always located in the outer part of the arc, and violet - in the interior.But!Very common double rainbow, when the sky just two arcs.So, in the second rainbow colors have the opposite arrangement.

way, to see two of the rainbow is considered an even greater success than one.

Interesting facts about the rainbow

number of colors in the rainbow always remains the same, but the presentation of this beautiful optical phenomenon in humans have changed over time.Ancient tribes, for example, was divided into two rainbow colors - dark and light.

Rainbow can be seen not only in sunshine, but after darkness fell.Then begin to reflect the sun's rays from the moon, and it may be a rainbow.

Rainbow does not freeze in place, and two people who are in different parts of the city will see it quite differently.One would seem that it hangs over the river, and the other - it is located directly above the new buildings.That's why when taking pictures at one and the same time a rainbow in the same city, produced very different pictures.

Not all people can see all of the seven colors of the rainbow.It depends on how sharp your vision.Some may notice in rainbow shades of pink, peach, green color.And they did not come up.After all, seven colors - these are the basic classic colors.A rainbow of colors in the really great multitude, and some can not be recovered by the human eye.

Rainbow may disappear if you wear glasses with Polaroid glasses.Coverage of these glasses is arranged so that the light is refracted vertically and people just do not see what others see.