Death - is what?

Birth and death - the boundary frame the life of every creature on the planet.They are two sisters, complement each other, the two halves of a whole, which is constantly in contact and interact.Each is a start of something new at the same time, both symbolize the completion of another cycle of life.And if we have the birth associated only pleasant and joyful moments, the end of life, coming daily, afraid of the unknown and frightening.What is the death of a person?What will happen next?Let's deal together.

What is death?

world is arranged so that all who live in it being passed through several stages: birth (appearance, occurrence), growth and development, the flowering (maturity), fading (aging), death.These cycles are even members of inanimate nature: the stars and galaxies, for example, as well as various social facilities - organization and powers.In short, there is nothing in the physical world can not exist forever: everything has a logical beginning and end no less relevant.What to speak of the living creatures: insects, birds, animals and man.They are arranged so that the body, after working a certain amount of time, begins to wear down and stop their livelihoods.

Death - is the final stage of life, which becomes the consequence of deep, strong, irreversible dysfunction of vital organs.If it comes from the natural wear fabrics, aging cells, called physiological, or natural.The man lived a long and happy life, one goes to sleep, and did not open his eyes.This death is considered to be even desirable, it does not bring the dying no pain, no suffering.When the end of life was the result of unfavorable circumstances and factors, we can speak of a pathological death.It occurs due to injury, asphyxiation or blood loss to her cause infection and disease.Sometimes death is massive.For example, in the XIV century, all of Europe and Asia covered the pandemic of bubonic plague.What is the Black Death?This is the terrible plague pandemic, which for two decades, claimed the lives of 60 million people.

different perspective

Atheists believe that the end of human existence, his move to complete oblivion - so you can characterize the death.This, in their opinion, not only the death of the physical body, but the mind of the individual.The soul they do not believe, considering its peculiar form of brain activity.After fading gray matter of the heart is no longer fueled by oxygen, so perish together with other bodies.Accordingly, the atheists completely exclude the eternal life and the immortality of the soul.

With regard to science, from her point of view, death is the natural mechanism that protects the planet from overpopulation.And also provides a change of generations, each subsequent one achieves greater development than the previous one, which becomes the starting point for innovation and advanced technologies in different spheres of life.

Instead religion in their own way explains what a person's death.All the world famous religious place emphasis on the fact that the death of the physical body is not the end.After all, it is - just a shell for the eternal - the inner world of the soul.Everyone comes into this world to fulfill his mission, and then returns to the Creator of the heavens.Death - it is only the destruction of body shell, and then the soul does not cease to exist, and it has continued outside the body.In every religion, ideas about their afterlife, all of whom are substantially different from each other.

Death in Christianity

Let's start with this religion, because it is more familiar and close Slavic peoples.Even in the distant past, to learn what the black death, fearing its force majeure, people started talking about the rebirth of the soul.Rather, because of the fear of death, trying to give myself hope, some Christians have assumed that a person prescribed by not one but several lives.If he committed a serious error, sin, but managed to repent, then the Lord certainly gives him a chance to correct their actions - gives another revival, but in a different body.Actually, true Christianity mythical doctrine denies the pre-existence of the soul.More Second Council of Constantinople, registered in the VI century, threatened anathema to someone who will distribute these ridiculous and absurd judgments.

According to Christianity, as such, no death.Our existence on earth - the only preparation, rehearsal before the eternal life with the Lord.After the immediate destruction disembodied soul stays a few days with her.Then on the third day, usually after the burial, he flies to heaven or sent into the den of devils and demons.

What is the death of a person and then what awaits him?Christianity claims that it is only the completion of a minor stage of the soul, after which it continues to grow in the garden.But before we get there, it must pass the Judgement: unrepentant sinners are sent to purgatory.The term of it depends on what the crime was dead, as he prayed fiercely for relatives on earth.

opinion of other religions

They are in their own way interpret the concept of death.First, let's find out what death from the perspective of Muslims.Firstly, between Islam and Christianity have much in common.In religion, the earthly life of the Asian countries is also considered a transitional stage.After its completion the soul goes to court, which led Nakeer and Munkar.They will tell you where you sent: in heaven or hell.Then, coming higher and fair court of Allah.Here he comes only after the universe will collapse and disappear completely.Second, death itself, feeling while it strongly depends on the presence of sin and faith.It will be invisible and painless for the true Muslim, a long and painful for the atheists and infidels.

As for Buddhism, it is for the representatives of the religious life and death issues are secondary.The religion does not even have the concept of the soul as it is, there are only its main features: knowledge, desire, feel and performance.The same aspect is characterized by the body plus bodily needs.However, Buddhists believe in reincarnation, and believe that after death the soul is always reborn - into a person or other living creature.

But Judaism is not paying attention to the explanation of what is death.This, according to his followers, is not that important question.Borrowing from other religions, different concepts, Judaism absorbed the whole kaleidoscope of mixed and adapted beliefs.Therefore, it provides the reincarnation and the existence of heaven, hell and purgatory.

arguments of philosophers

addition to representatives of religious denominations question the end of earthly life loved to raise and thinkers.What is death from the standpoint of philosophy?For example, a representative of Antiquity Plato believed that it is the result of separation of the soul from the transitory physical body.The Thinker believed that the body - a prison for the spirit.In it, he forgets his spiritual origin and is committed to the satisfaction of instincts.

Roman Seneca insisted he was not afraid of death.In his opinion, it is - or the end, when you have all the same, or resettlement, and thus continued.Seneca was sure never to be so close to man as on the ground.Epicurus, meanwhile, believed that all the bad we receive from our senses.Death - the end of feelings and emotions.Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of it.

What is death from the perspective of the philosophy of the Middle Ages?Early theologians - of Antioch, Ignatius and Tatian - contrasted with her life, and not in favor of the latter.Cult is again the desire to die for the faith and the Lord.In the XIX century the attitude to the death of the body has changed: some tried not to think about it, while others preached about the death, raising it to the altar.Schopenhauer wrote that only the animal to fully enjoy life and its blessings because not think about death.According to him, only the mind is to blame for the fact that the end of earthly life seems so terrifying."The greatest fear - fear of death," - claimed thinker.

Main stages

spiritual component of human death is clear.Now let's try to figure out what biological death.Doctors have identified a number of steps in the process of dying:

  1. Predagonalnoe state.It lasts from ten minutes to several hours.Man lethargy, consciousness unclear.You may not have a pulse on peripheral arteries, with detectable only in the femoral and carotid.There is a pale skin, shortness of breath is present.Predagonalnoe state ends terminal pause.
  2. Agonistic stage.Breathing may stop (from 30 seconds to one and a half minutes), blood pressure drops to zero, fading reflexes, including the eye.The cerebral cortex is braked, the functions of the gray matter is gradually switched off.Vital activity becomes chaotic, the body ceases to exist as a single entity.
  3. Agony.It lasts only a few minutes.Previous clinical death.This is the last stage of the struggle for human life.All the functions of the body at the same time violated parts of the central nervous system, located above the brainstem, are beginning to slow.Sometimes there is a profound, but a rare breath comes a distinct but transient increase in pressure.Consciousness and reflexes are absent, although they may briefly resume.From the side it seems that the person is getting better, but this state of deceptive - this latest outbreak life.

followed by clinical death.Although this is the last stage of dying, it is reversible.Man may withdraw from the specified condition or if he comes back to life on their own.What is clinical death?A detailed description of the process follows.

Clinical death and its signs

This period is rather short.What is clinical death?And what are its symptoms?Doctors give a clear definition: it is a stage that comes immediately after the cessation of respiration and active circulation.In the central nervous system and other organs are observed changes in cells.If doctors are well-maintained by machines the heart and lungs, the restoration of functioning of the body is possible.

main signs of clinical death:

  • reflexes and consciousness are absent.
  • cyanosis of the epidermis, in hemorrhagic shock and a great loss of blood - a sharp pallor.
  • Pupils greatly expanded.
  • heart contractions stop, the man was not breathing.

stop the heart is diagnosed when within 5 seconds of the pulsation on carotid arteries and reducing the body will not be heard.If the patient to make an electrocardiogram, that ventricular fibrillation can be seen, that is to be expressed in myocardial contraction of individual tufts, bradyarrhythmia or the straight line is recorded, which indicates a complete discontinuance of the muscle.

not breathing, is also determined quite simply.It is diagnosed when 15 seconds of observation doctors may not recognize the obvious movements of the chest, do not hear the noise of exhaled air.This irregular convulsive breaths can not ventilate the lungs so full breath to call them difficult.Although doctors, knowing what clinical death, trying at this point to save the patient.Since this state - is not a guarantee that the person certainly die.

What to do?

We found that clinical death - this is the last stage before the final death of the physical body.Its duration depends on the nature of the illness or injury that led to such a state, as well as the flow and complexity of steps that precede it.So if predagonalny and agonistic periods were accompanied by complications, for example, a strong blood circulation, the duration of clinical death does not exceed 2 minutes.

not always possible to fix and the exact moment of its occurrence.Only 15% of experienced doctors know when it started, and can be called the transition of clinical death in the biological.Therefore, if the patient has no evidence of the latter, for example, the corpse spots, then we can talk about the absence of the actual death of the physical body.In this case, you need to immediately start resuscitation: artificial respiration and chest compressions.Doctors say if you find a man who has no signs of life, the sequence of your actions should be as follows:

  1. stating a lack of response to stimuli.
  2. Call an ambulance.
  3. Lay the person on a flat solid surface and check the airway.
  4. If the patient is not breathing on their own, give artificial respiration mouth to mouth: two slow full breath.
  5. Check the pulse.
  6. If no pulse, do chest compressions, alternating it with the ventilation of the lungs.

Continue like that until the call will not come resuscitation team.Qualified doctors will conduct all the necessary measures to rescue.Knowing in practice that such a person's death, they diagnosed it only when all methods will impotent, and the patient will not breathe a certain number of minutes.After their expiry believed that brain cells began to die.And as the body - in fact the only indispensable in the body, doctors fixed the time of death.

Death in the eyes of a child

theme of death has always been interesting to children.Toddlers begin to fear this phenomenon in 4-5 years, when it gradually realize what it is.Scarce experiencing, not to the death of his parents and other loved ones.If, however, the tragedy occurred, then how to explain to the child what is death?First, in any case, does not conceal the fact.No need to lie, that man had gone on a long trip, or lay in the hospital for treatment.The kid feels that the answers are untrue, and a sense of fear in him even more amplified.In the future, when the lie will come up, pipsqueak can greatly offended, hate you, get serious psychological trauma.

Second, you can take the baby to church for the funeral service.But at his own funeral until it is better not to attend.Psychologists say that the procedure is difficult to read the children's fragile psyche and lead to stress.If someone died from a very close family for the baby, he must do something for the dead: to put the candle, write a farewell note.

How to explain to the child what the death of a loved one?Tell me, now he went to God in heaven where an angel turned, and from now on will protect the baby.Alternatively, can the story of the transformation of the soul of the deceased into a butterfly, a dog or a newborn baby.Whether to take the crumbs in the cemetery after the funeral?For a time, to protect him from such visits: this place is very dark, and his visit to a negative impact on the psyche of the child.If he wants to "talk" with the dead, take him to church.Say that this is the place where you can mentally or aloud to talk with those who are no longer with us.

How to stop being afraid of death?

Not only children, but adults often wonder what death is and how to not be afraid.Psychologists provide many useful tips to help reduce unnecessary fears and make you more brave the inevitable:

  • doing things you love.You just do not have time for negative thoughts.It is proved that someone who has a pleasurable activity, much happier.After all, 99% of illnesses cause is stress, neurosis and negative thoughts.
  • Remember: no one knows what death is.Whence then thought that she was afraid of?Maybe things are going smoothly: the body, most likely in a state of shock, so automatically deprives himself of sensitivity.
  • Notice sleep.After all, it is called the little death.The man is unconscious, he did not hurt.When you die, you just fall asleep peacefully and sweetly.So, should not be afraid.

And yet just live and enjoy this wonderful feeling.You are still worried about what death is and how to treat it?Philosophically.It is inevitable, but to dwell on thoughts about it not worth it.