Shane Mosley: biography of the great boxer

Shane Mosley - boxer in the sport has achieved incredible heights.He became world champion in the lightweight, middleweight and junior middleweight champion.Many consider him the best fighter regardless of weight class.In 1998, the American Association of Journalists, he received the title of "Boxer of the Year".

Childhood and adolescence

Shane Mosley was born in California (Inglewood) in 1971.Boy differed unprecedented vigor.His mother claimed in an interview that her son has always been hyperactive."The teachers of kindergarten allowed me to bring a toy car Shane.During quiet hours were all asleep, but Mosley was playing "- the woman said.This hyperactivity is still there even after his father brought Shane in boxing hall.Looking at sparred father, 8-year-old boy seriously interested in this sport.

amateur career as a teenager Shane Mosley was able to enter the elite amateur boxers.When he was thirteen years old, he fought Oscar De La Hoey and won on points.Distance fight, style, and speed bumps stand resembled the legendary Shane Robinson in the final stage career.

young man experienced a great shock in 1987, when his three-year nephew died.This blow of fate hardened athlete, making Mosley stubborn and fearless in the ring.

In 1992, the boxer was in the final qualifiers for the Olympics.Unfortunately, Shane lost to a fighter by the name of Vernon Forrest.This led him to conclude amateur career, has 250 wins and 16 defeats.

professional career

At dawn professional career Mosley Shane signed a contract with promoter Ortiz, who was not very well known.For two years, he chose the boxer extremely weak opponents.Reputation promising athlete was severely damaged.He wanted to terminate the contract, but Ortiz was able to defend their rights in court.

At the end of the contract in 1996 Shane signed a new deal with Cedric Kushner.Mosley was hope for a championship belt.In 1997, he stepped into the ring against Philip Holliday for the title (IBF) among lightweights.Despite poor health, Shane still managed to win.

But seriously boxer began to perceive only after the third title defense in a fight with John raspberries.When Shane defended his title eight times in a row, he realized the need to move to the next weight category.Once again, fate brought him to De La Hoya.The fight was not easy, but Mosley was able to win on points.

first defeat

In 2002, Shane called to fight old rival who had deprived him of the chance to participate in the Olympics.While Vernon Forrest held the second place ranking in the welterweight division.During the first round Mosley managed to dominate.But in the second Forrest took advantage.As a result, Shane lost on points and not to "take revenge" for his past defeat.This battle was the most severe in the career of a boxer.

third meeting with De La Hoya

In 2003, Shane Mosley, whose biography is described in this article, for the third time met Oscar De La Hoya, but in a new weight class.Bookmakers consider the chances of athletes is almost equal.At stake were two titles: WBA and WBC.Shane defeated De La Hoyu on points to become the new champion.

Another defeat

ambitions Mosley did not allow him to stand still.He wanted to become the undisputed champion.He did not have a belt IBF, which then belonged to Ronald Wright.Shane challenged him to a fight, believing that easily will win by betting on the power box.It is very wrong, and lost two zones.

After that insulting defeat Mosley decided to change the coach.New mentor was the boxer Joe Goossen, who won a rematch with Wright.The fight was scheduled for late 2004.But now at stake were not the titles and the title of the best boxer in his category.Compared with the previous meeting Mosley fought a lot better.But it did not help him win.One judge voted for a draw, and the other two awarded victory Wright.After that, Shane moved to welterweight.In the following years he won some brilliant victories.But Mosley fought exclusively with right-handers as left-handers were too uncomfortable for him.

bout with Mayweather

After defeating Antonio Margarito in 2009, Shane called to fight Floyd Mayweather.But a top boxer Mosley ignored.He received a response only after 18 months.

In 2010 fight Floyd Mayweather - Shane Mosley still held.The first round passed them on equal terms.In the second dominated Mosley, Floyd causing several powerful blows to the head.But Mayweather was able to recover in subsequent rounds left in defense and won on points.

In subsequent years, Shane has suffered several defeats and announced his retirement.But suddenly he came back in 2013, came out to fight against Pablo Cahn, who was younger than his 18 years.Mosley won confident young Mexicans in the melee.

personal life and hobbies

boxer meets a famous model Bella Gonzalez.He also has a son - Shane Mosley Jr., whom he actively trains.Among the hobbies athlete appear snowboarding, racquetball and basketball, as well as skiing.In addition, the boxer is actively involved in charity work.