The rise to the coup - Technique

rise to the coup belongs to the category of technical elements in the gym.However, for untrained people, this exercise can be quite complex and even force.Therefore, before proceeding to implement it, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare.

What is the rise of a coup

Looks exercise as follows: first captured horizontal bar about shoulder width apart, and then going on pulling the torso while lifting the straightened leg and then lifting the pelvis to the level above the horizontal bar.The head when performing this exercise as much as possible throws back.

Lift-coup on the bar can be done in several ways.One method requires initial entering of feet over the crossbar and consistent tightening.To do the exercise the other way, you must first catch up, and only then to throw up.

What you need to perform

To perform this exercise, as the rise of a coup, you will need:

  • horizontal bar suitable height, preferably lined with a gymnastic mat;
  • a sufficient level of physical preparation (before embarking on a study of gymnastic elements, you must learn to be tightened, at least 10-15 times);
  • ability to accurately perform a series of successive elements that are an integral part of the exercise;


learn how to perform a coup rise most people with a good stretch.If the level of poor, in which case you need some time to practice to get his hands on the floor at the maximum straightened legs.In case of insufficient implementation of training stretching exercises can significantly delayed or gym member will get enough "curves" with significant inaccuracies.

abdominal muscles

Availability developed abdominal muscles play a determining role in the training of the lift with the coup.To exercise the press there is a wide range of effective exercises, some of which can be easily carried out on the same horizontal bar.In particular, for the preparation of learning rise to the coup will suffice periodically raising the legs to the bar, that does not make any difficulty.Alternatively, you can start to learn how to pull your knees to your chest, and then gradually move to raise straight legs.

How to learn to make the rise of a coup

Before you proceed directly to the execution of gymnastic elements, it is recommended to practice while pulling up with outstretched legs.Strong performance of this exercise will greatly facilitate the task when the element as a whole.

How to rise a coup?First, you need handy to grab with both hands on the horizontal bar, and then, bending your knees, bring them to your chest.Next there is a revolution with legs bent so that the back turned out to be at the bottom with her head thrown back.

more complex upgrade option with the coup involves pulling with arms, straight legs.Back in the present case takes the maximum horizontal position, and the legs are straightened feet up.In such a situation occurs cast upside crossbar with a consistent pulling the whole body.Turning, you need to catch up in the focus on the hands, bend back and chest forward.Resorting to such a method of execution of the gymnastic element is only if you want to learn how to do a clean ascent to the coup.

Possible difficulty

often happens that physical development, prepared by the athlete simply throws his feet on the bar, but can not pull up the trunk.To cope with this problem, you need to bend your knees and seize the moment when the belt is close to the bar.Thus the basis weight is transferred to the legs, which enables the body to be on the other side of the crossbar.Throw the whole body through the horizontal bar allows straightening the legs with a slight jerk body.