What is the cost to build a house of bricks?

for single-storey and multi-storey buildings of brick houses have become a real classic version.For many centuries, people appreciate the bricks for his good performance and physical properties.If someone is thinking about how much it cost to build a house of bricks, the answer to the question in the first place will depend on the type of material.Compared to clay bricks Silicate will be cheaper.But its properties are markedly inferior to the first embodiment.

Example calculations.Start with the foundation

Here are some examples that will understand how much it costs to build a house of bricks at least in terms of its main characteristics.For example, the installation of high-grade tape monolithic foundation necessary even if you plan to build a house in just one floor.The thickness of masonry - that feature, which should correspond to the width of the foundation.For example, we can take a thickness of 64 centimeters.The tape will have a certain depth of fill.In turn, this characteristic is determined separately for each type of climate, depending on whether the soil freezes.Require separate consideration existing soil types, the depth at which the water are ground type.If we talk about the materials, the costs for basic characteristics are roofing waterproofing tapes, own mixed concrete, formwork of boards cut shapes from aspen, reinforcing rods, sand cushion-training.Actually, the exact answer to the question of how much it costs to build a house of brick, depending on the size of the premises, as well as from the bricks.Here are the main items of expenditure.

the wall

Laying of walls of brick made by hand.Cement-lime and cement-clay or cement-sand mortar become major tools for binding bricks.Suppliers of this material is to choose carefully, because even a cheap savings in material will reduce the burden on the general budget.So try to remember that apply to correctly answer the question, how much it costs to build a house of bricks.

Covering: what happens to them

Mid-floor, the materials for which are the slabs of concrete - the most common choice among the owners of brick houses.Hollow-core slabs can be a good substitute for such a decision.There are special electronic diaries.If they make all of the required materials, you can get almost perfectly calculate the cost of the room, which will answer the question of how much it costs to build a brick house.

about communication and roof

Metal - the right choice for the arrangement of the roof.As for communication, it is necessary to take into account the remoteness of the house from the main thoroughfares.Build a house of brick without it is almost impossible.As it becomes impossible and unambiguous answer to the question, how much it costs to build a house of bricks.Searching illustrate the process of this work, we can learn how they are carried out, and even the fact that different types of walls, these works are almost identical both to implement and cost.