On the C drive is lost place (Windows 7).

Well, today we will try to deal with you, what do you do if you lost on the C drive space (Windows 7).In fact, there exists a lot of pretty interesting scenarios.And it was the most popular ones we'll try to understand.In addition, learn more, and to answer the question of how to format drive C, if necessary.Therefore, we should start as soon as possible to disassemble our theme.

lot of installation files

First, let's go through the possible causes of today's problems.It will depend on the source and the method of "treatment."Let's start with the simplest and most common option.

If disk space is lost (Windows 7), you can get a situation where you have on the computer is a lot of installation files of games and programs.And this applies to toys to a greater extent.

In this case, frankly, do not have to think about how to format drive C. After all, it is eliminated much easier than it might seem.However, before operational actions, carefully check all the setup files - if they weigh a little, you can leave them in the system.But with weighty objects will have to work a little.


What exactly do we do?Of course, we need so-called Disk Cleanup C. However, it is handmade.That is all that the user needs to do - is to remove the significant installation files from your computer once and for all.On the Disk Cleanup - this is not such a difficult task as it might seem.

Pre recommended to remove all such documents to removable media, where they can always be used.At a convenient time and without "cluttering up" the computer.Next, highlight everything that should be removed, and then hold down Shift.Now you can press the Del.Confirm your actions - and you will notice a few GB have been cleared.In principle, you can first put all in the "basket" and then scrub it.The effect will be the same.Nevertheless, let us know what else to do, if the drive is lost C space (Windows 7).What could be the cause and how to fix them?

abundance programs

Well, that is going to move with you in a safe direction.That is you harmless examine the reasons which cause lack of space on the system drive.After all, they can be eliminated without unnecessary and assistance.

Once you get rid of the installation files and still found that you have somewhere to disappear hard disk space, it makes sense to check how much content is installed on the computer.After all, if the drive is lost to space (Windows 7), then chances are you have not conducted the global total and clean your operating system.

Particular attention should be paid to professional programs (processing of audio, video and graphics), as well as modern computer games.They usually began to take too much space.In the case when you know that you have a lot of software, you will have to clean the system from the trash.

restore order

So in this case do not have to think about how to format the drive with.All that is required from the user - is to use the so-called "control panel".It is in the "start-up".Select this service (in the panel) "Add or Remove Programs" and then wait for a while.

You should be window appears, displaying all of the installed content to the computer.Alternately, remove what you do not need or that is not being used for a very long time.As already mentioned, the special attention paid to professional programs and modern games.After carrying out a clean check on the C drive is lost place (Windows 7) or not.Yes?Then we'll search for the answer elsewhere.The main thing is that by means of these two options you are able to release tens of gigabytes of memory.This is important, especially for a small hard disk drives volume.Let us continue to think, what is there to be the case.

Temporary files

And here's another reason that the disk disappears from the place.What to do with this situation, we will talk to you later, but until he met with the following our "source".

This is nothing like the so-called temporary files created by computer during operation.Here and clipboard, and some data for authorization in the system and a system code operation and failure - the list is endless.

As a rule, if the C drive is lost place (Windows 7) the fault of the temporary files, you will notice it is very difficult.We'll have to watch for a long time filling the space - system because the documents are not that "heavy".But eliminating the problem can be formatted or cleaning.But first is to discuss with you one more reason that "treated" the same way.

long work PC

If you are thinking where to place vanishes on drive C, think about how long your computer is running non-stop.Modern people do not really like to turn off their "machines".That is why you are beginning to disappear space on the system drive.

The thing is that, as already mentioned, during the operating system start to create temporary files.Some of them are automatically deleted when you turn off or restart the computer.The rest will have to be cleaned manually.If the user does not turn off the computer, then such documents are simply deposited in the system.And then we have to think why on the C drive is lost place (Windows 7).

Well, we have already discussed with you two similar source of today's problem.Now is a little discussed and method of dealing with this situation.

Help application

Of course, the first thing that should be taken only - it is to restart the computer.After this step you will be able to see how little space had been cleared.However, this is not the method of struggle, which now will be discussed.

If you notice that the image of the C drive is full, you will have to resort to using third-party software and applications.For example, the fine for this undertaking will suit CCleaner.This is a special free utility that helps to clean the registry of your computer.That is what will help us to release a few more GB of hard disk space.

For a start will have to install the program, and then run it.Now you can click on the "Analysis" and then on "cleaning".After completing the process, you will notice how the space freed.But that's not all scenarios.We will continue to study the possible causes of your missing hard drive space, as well as methods of dealing with this phenomenon.

job Internet

If you are thinking where to place vanishes on drive C, you have to carefully reflect on what you are doing on the Internet, that is, when running in the browser.Watch movies?Listen to music?You save a lot of logins and passwords for automatic login?Then do not be surprised that the system partition is not enough space.After all, it is deposited in the memory of the computer and stored until the user did not get rid of unnecessary data.

In truth, this is the most common cause of loss of space in the operating systems.Fortunately, all this is eliminated very quickly and without hassle.And now it's time to see how it will have to use the method.

Mini formatting

To little space on the hard disk when suspected the browser, we again have to resort to using CCleaner.It's quite a universal application that is able, under certain settings, save us from unnecessary problems with the release of memory.You do not have to think about how to reinstall the C drive and get more space.

Install the application, and then on the left side of the screen, go to the settings.It is necessary to put a tick in front of all that concerns only browsers.Here and cookies, and passwords with the names, and the search string, and even the familiar temporary files.Marks all this, and then start the analysis.For this process, as already known, there is a special button on the right side.Next, click on the "Purification".Wait a few seconds - the process is complete, and you can enjoy the achieved results.As you can see, so far, everything is simple and easy.


But do not rejoice too soon.We got you to the theme, which makes for a long time to think about how to free drive C. After the cause cluttering the system could be viruses.

They bring a lot of inconvenience to users.In the case of infection with any plague, the computer begins to literally reproduce copies of the trojans and worms, which, in turn, damage the system documents.In addition, they fill an entire hard drive.Sooner or later, the place is over - then the Trojans would "eat" your files "Vindovs."

Thus, you will notice the brakes, and then candid "glitches" computer.Eventually, the system will refuse to be included at all.And then I do not have to think about why the C drive is lost place (Windows 7), and how is it possible to bring back to life your "Vindovs."This, frankly, is much more difficult.

Nevertheless, while the computer is running, you can take some simple steps to eliminate the troubles looming over us.Scan your computer using anti-virus software, and then cure all potentially dangerous objects.Next, remove something that does not respond to treatment (this will be a special button).Now you can clean the registry of the computer using the familiar CCleaner and restart.If you manage to get rid of the virus, you will notice how the space freed.And not such a small one.That's all the problems.You can work on the computer.


If you do not help or viruses already "eaten" the operating system, then you will come to the aid of nothing more than the very real serious and thorough formatting computer.For it would have to stock up on the installation disc with "Vindovs."

To begin, insert it into your computer, and then wait for the launch.Now select "Install" and then "clean install."This allows you to set yourself a brand new, empty operating system.Next, before you appear hard disk partitions.Select C, and then click on "Format".It is advisable to carry out this procedure on all sections.This will help remove all data, including viruses.Now click "Next" and wait for the installation "Vindovs."

way, with the help of the installation disk can be done with the recovery disk.To do this will need to select "Troubleshooting" and then "System Restore."This move is used to store sensitive data on removable media before reinstalling OSes.Now you know how to release the C drive, and you are familiar with the possible reasons for cluttering up the operating system.