What does the dream book: a flood in a dream - it is for future disasters?

image of water, pour all around, contains almost every dream book.Flood is considered a symbol of great events or emotions.In any case, the authors found that the subconscious feels something huge, capable of completely change the fate of what is about to come into his life.

Dreams Maya

Seen in a dream foretells the flood risk to your property.Some outside force literally force you to flee from the force majeure, putting tremendous efforts to protect their property from destruction.Pours dirty water - you have almost no chance to avoid losses.If you see areas flooded streams clean, then worth fighting for their good.Victory will be yours!

Dreams Hasse

Stormy passions overwhelm your life.What they will be unraveling as the waters that are poured earth, so says the dream book.Flood of net flows - to the passion of love and emotional distress.Also means the desire to dream of creative activity, which can be spent in the soul of the accumulated energy.If the water were dirty - a harbinger of severe protracted conflicts that can sear your soul, without giving anything in return.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation: Flood

Stormy water, fill all the space, sweeping buildings - severe events in the community.Perhaps you will become a party or a witness of a similar revolution by the value of the event.Poor, if the water is dirty.That means trouble for everyone around you.There is nothing good in the near future is waiting for you, says the dream book.Flood on the street of the village usually means a noisy event.Something will change in the near future.This change will cause a lot of discussions among the population.If you see that the land around you is filled with clean water, which can not see the edge, you will live a quiet life, no matter what is happening around.All that passeth by, you are not touching.

modern dream interpretation

Flood in night scenes can mean changes.Something great will come into your life.It can be as passionate feelings and a new promising project.The main thing is that this new captivates all your senses for a while.Anything else you think you can not.Dirty waters of the flood of negative talk about change.You may have a formidable enemy, the opposition which will be vital for you.On the other hand you have to deal with adverse circumstances, says the dream book.Water Flood - it's your life.What is its form, and the circumstances are around.

Dreaming Flood

Bible stories come to you in a night vision, it says that you should do self-discipline.Your reaction to the event is too rough, sometimes passing all bounds.Most likely, you will need to rest on the nature, during which you will be able to calm down and recover.The nervous system must be protected.And you she recently shattered that does not give you the possibility to objectively look at the events and behavior of others.Take time out to cause the nervous system to its normal state.Flood - a sign of impending emotional distress.Try to avoid bad development.