Simple partnership agreement: features and Conditions

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simple partnership agreement - a document that allows you to more effectively engage in business activities.Simple partnership or consortium is a temporary association created to conduct business.This structure is characterized by mobility and inexpensive.This form of organization makes it possible in a short time to establish the basis for long-term cooperation and allows more efficient use of shared knowledge and resources.

It is said that the contract of simple partnership was used in ancient Rome.This form of agreement was extended in pre-revolutionary Russia.It allows you to combine assets and capital owned by different people for doing business.At the same time under the terms of the agreement, each party to the agreement could not achieve its goals: to improve the quality of products and competitive products, increase profits, etc.In the future, a simple partnership is also used in the economic activity, but this form of organization was called synergy.

simple partnership agreement: the sample, the rights and obligations

main responsibility of parties to the agreement of the partnership is to work together to achieve common goals and objectives, making an individual contribution to the common cause, maintain in good condition of the property, conducting bookkeeping jointassets.Konsortsionery together bear losses and expenses arising from the joint conduct of business, in proportion to the investments in the common cause.

members of the consortium of the partnership agreement in addition to the duties and have the general rights.They can use the common property, to take part in the general affairs, have access to all documents relating to business management.Also comrades may act on behalf of all the participants in the management of the common cause, when the simple partnership agreement does not contain clauses that business management is performed by individuals or by all participants together.

Konsortsionery have the right to conduct transactions with a third party on behalf of all parties to the agreement in the presence of a power of attorney issued by the other partners.They also distribute the resulting joint business profits in proportion to the individual contribution of each person to the common cause.

contribution is recognized all that Comrade contributes to the overall business, including property, money, skills, abilities, knowledge and business relationships and reputation.Any contributions by mutual agreement of all the partners are subject to monetary evaluation, and is assumed to be the cost, unless the factual circumstances do not follow other conditions.

Maintain general case can be performed by each participant.Simple partnership agreement also provides that the total work be attributed to individual members.In such a case the authority to operate certify the contract or signed by all members of the society a special power of attorney.

regard to third persons participants of the consortium may not invoke the limited rights of the perpetrator of the transaction if they can not prove that the third party at the time the transaction was aware of the limitations.

comrade who made the deal on behalf of the other participants, having no right to do so, may require full reimbursement of all expenses incurred and losses, if it is proved that the work was necessary and represents the interests of all konsortsionerov.

simple partnership agreement defines the responsibilities of all parties.

Each participant is liable for the general obligations of its property in the proportion of contributions produced if carries on business.

In business, all the comrades jointly and severally liable for all obligations, regardless of whether that was the reason for their occurrence.