SNIP "Fire Safety"

snip "Fire safety of buildings and facilities" was adopted by the Decree issued by the Ministry of the Russian Federation, dated February thirteenth nineteen ninety-seven.Currently a new edition of its approved nineteenth of July two thousand two.

snip "Fire Safety" was developed with the advice given by the international organizations in the field of regulation and standardization.This document is one of the fundamental instruments in the construction industry.

snip "Fire safety" requirements resulting from the protection of fires, which have to be met.Deviations from these rules are only possible in cases where a description is presented with the caveat "as a rule", as well as listing the conditions under which the possibility of their use.

snip "Fire Safety" from the first of January nineteen ninety-eight, set the general requirements relating to the protection of all construction projects.These rules apply to all stages of the construction and operation of facilities and buildings.Contains the legislative act and fire-technical breakdown of the objects and their individual elements, as well as premises and their parts, materials and designs into separate categories.

There are a number of other regulations, approved in the established legal order.They contain additions and changes, as well as clarify the provisions established by SNIP norms.These documents take into account the functional principles and specifics of protection against fires for certain categories of technical equipment, individual rooms and buildings in general.

Construction sites should be planned taking into account the adoption of constructive and space-planning decisions that are required in the event of fire, provide an opportunity:

- carrying out evacuation of people, regardless of their physical abilities and age on the territory adjacent to the building upthe moment when it becomes obvious threat to their health and life, the probability of which is due to the influence of negative factors caused by the emergency situation;

- to save people;

- providing access to the source of fire, as well as supplying a dangerous place extinguishing agents;

- implementation of the various actions aimed to save lives and property, preventing the fire spreading to nearby buildings;

- the lowest possible value of indirect and direct material losses, including the object itself and its contents.

snip "Fire Safety" states the norms of construction, which should guarantee the provision of:

- priority implementation of measures to protect against fire (these works should be provided the project documentation developed in accordance with current regulations and approved by the established legislative enactments);

- compliance with fire regulations, as well as protection against fire objects that are under construction, as well as support structures and buildings;

- availability and operational status of funds allocated to fight the fire;

- the possibility of a safe evacuation of the construction site, as well as the protection of the occupants in it material resources.

«Fire safety» SNIP claims and operating standards.According to this normative document must:

- provide the necessary maintenance and support facility in operation all the means of fire protection in strict accordance with the technical and design documentation;

- to prevent structural changes of forms, space-planning and engineering solutions without the development of project documentation:

- in the implementation of works of repair does not use materials and structural elements that do not meet the requirements of the Standards;

- develop measures for fire protection of buildings, taking into account the technical capabilities of units Emergency Situations Ministry and their location.