Foods that should be used to be beautiful

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Today let's talk about the "superstars" nutrient of the world that will help you become more attractive and feel great.

Berries - a unique food: they contain virtually no calories, but rich in vitamins and nutrients.For example, eight medium strawberries contain only 45 calories and provide you with vitamin C greater than citrus.And a glass of raspberry satisfy 32% of daily needs in the tissue when caloric 40.

Blueberries: among the different existing varieties of blueberries - a superstar for nutritionists.She - a great source of vitamin C, minerals, iron and fiber.Moreover, thanks to the antioxidant properties, it prevents the risk of cancer.Recently it was proved that blueberries lowers blood cholesterol levels.Many scientists say that it improves vision and memory.

Nuts: most women avoid eating nuts because of their high calorie content.But the content of monopredelnyh fat lowers cholesterol.Only 5 ounces of nuts a week will improve your heart activity of the system, when using them instead of candy and chips you have and do not get overweight.

Greens: eat cabbage, various salads - they are a source of iron, vitamin C, calcium and other nutrients.Prepare, for example, vinaigrette or other salad vegetables with a high content, you may want to add more greenery to the soup.

Cereals: it is time to turn to wheat and oats to get a big amount of nutrients from whole grains.You can include in the diet of barley and amaranth.Add them to the rice pilaf instead of, as they can be used for soup, pancakes and other baked goods.

Soy products: bean curd, milk or tofu.Soy helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.Eat soy milk instead of cow.Eat low-fat cottage cheese.Remember that soy is a substitute for meat, while it contains more nutrients, less fat and calories.

Water: seemingly can not get enough water, but do not forget that water plays the most important role in the digestive process.Some people use less water than normal on the day it affects badly on the body as a whole.The water will give your skin a healthy look, it will enrich your energy and give you strength.

Grapefruit: is believed that this citrus burns fat, besides it contains few calories.Experts say that grapefruit helps in the fight against cancer.

Shirataki Noodles: probably many have not heard of such a product.These noodles made of tofu and yam flour.It is rich in fiber, low-calorie, and contains virtually no fat.If you like pasta, then this product is for you to just opening.

Salmon: is considered to be the owner of the magnificent skin, you need to eat a lot of salmon.Furthermore, the fish improves brain function, prevents depression and the treatment of PMS.

Hot chili pepper: modern researchers have shown that the chili lowers the risk of cancer and is a source of vitamin C. Broccoli

: besides the fact that the cabbage has a delicious taste, it still contains only 22 calories (in a half cup), does not contain fat and cholesterol.In addition, it has a lot of calcium, vitamin C and other nutrients.

Peanut butter: is a very high-calorie, but nutritious food.Some eat it in large quantities, this is not entirely true.Everything should be in moderation.It has a lot of vitamin E, magnesium, but a lot of hard fats, pay attention!

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