How to Marry a Millionaire?

on popular American board Craigslist ads recently published a letter from 25-year-old girl who wrote literally the following:

What do I do?

I - beautiful, funny, smart 25-year-old girl is not from New York.I want to marry a guy who earns in a year is not less than 500 thousand dollars, because I want to be able to stay home with our future children.I know how this sounds, but a million dollars a year - that's middle-class incomes today in New York, so it's not too much.

There are guys on this forum, who earn 500 thousand. Dollars per year or more, or their wives?Prompt!I met with a businessman who earns about 200-250 thousand a year, but I said to myself: "Stop!250 000 will not lead me into the house to the west of Central Park. "

I do yoga with a woman who is married to an investment banker and lives in a beautiful house in Tribeca.I do not think she's as beautiful as I am, and she was not a genius.What did she do right?How do I reach her level?

That's what interests me in particular:

Where do you single rich men, spend your free time?Give me the address: bars, restaurants, gyms.
girlfriend What are you looking for?Be honest, you do not offend me.
At what age I should be targeting (I'm 25)?

Why some women are leading a luxurious life, so simple?I've seen really 'simple babenok "boring, which is not something to talk about;and yet they are married to incredibly wealthy guys.And I saw the damn attractive girls who are bored at the bar alone.What was going on?

Guys what do I look for jobs?Everyone knows: a lawyer, investment banker, doctor?What these guys really make?And where are they fun?And where the rest of the guys are hedge funds?

How did you decide to marry or remain simply lovers?I only need the wedding!

my part offer an absolutely honest.Many beautiful women are very superficial;at least in the intelligence they have superiority in front of me.I would not look for a guy who is looking for, if I was not absolutely sure I could come to him in all respects: appearance, culture, intelligence, the ability to run the economy and keep the warmth of the hearth.

Letter 25-year-old Miss did not go unnoticed: the guy who earns more than half a year, responded to her offer.The style and manner of the true donor.

I read your advertisement with interest, thought about its contents.And now I propose to analyze your proposal.

Rest assured, I'm not wasting your time, because fall under your requirements: earn more than $ 500,000 a year.
And that's how I do it seems.

Your offer, from the perspective of a guy like me - definitely a bad deal.Let me explain why.

If you throw out all the excess of your letter, you suggest a simple deal, which essence: your beauty in exchange for my money.Perfectly.

But the problem is this: your beauty will fade and my money will grow ... In fact, the probability of increasing my capital is very high, but you're sure it will not become more beautiful!

So in terms of the economy you - a depreciating asset and I - earning assets.And you're not just a depreciating asset, your value falls faster and faster!Let me explain: you are now 25, and you will certainly attract the attention of men more years 5. But every year fewer and fewer.In 35 at you no one will look.

Here on Wall Street, we would call you "trading position", and in this case, to marry you - it's like that "buy and hold".But buy you (as you asked) - this is a bad business, so I'd rather be rented.

if my words seem harsh to you, reflect over the following.If my money is gone, you will do the same.

Therefore, when your beauty fades I need a way to get out of this asset.So the deal that makes sense - it's goodbye, but not a wedding.

I would also like to note that in his short career, I, however, knew a lot about the efficiency of the market.And I surprised that such a "beautiful, funny, clever," you still have not found a "Papic."I find it hard to believe that such an attractive girl, how do you describe yourself, have not yet found $ 500,000 a year.

way, you can always find a way to make money for yourself: in this case, we would not have had to wage this difficult conversation.

In general, I want to say that you are on the right track - the classic strategy of "soaked through and throw."I hope I have helped you.

Yes, if you're ready to discuss any rental options - let me know!

workers all week on Wall Street offices forwarded this letter to each other and discussed it.

According to many, now in America, a lot of girls think the same way as our heroine, and are ready to jump into the arms of any lone financially successful man.For this type of women, even now a special word: they are called Plastic (one of the meanings of the word - an artificial, contrived, phony, superficial).

Craigslist refuses to reveal how many responses sent the girl;no journalist could not contact her.It is also unknown and the man who wrote the answer.
Known for his false messages on Craigslist blogger Michael Dykes argues that it was not his doing, and adds: "Unfortunately, this letter may be true. I have seen this type of girls in New York City."

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