The goddess of wisdom.

population of ancient Greece believed that the world and life is ruled by the gods.They were called Olympic, because of their place of accommodation is Mount Olympus.There are many gods, and their lives were like the Greeks to their worldly existence.They believed that the Olympians live one huge family, the role of the head in which the king of the gods assigned - Zeus.

Who was for the ancient Greeks Pallas Athena?

win more respect and love from the ancient people of the daughter of Zeus - Pallas.Athena in Greek mythology - the goddess of wisdom and fair war, protection of knowledge, art and craft.She was considered the founder of the military strategy and effective tactics, its merits attributed to many victories in battle.She was part of a family of twelve top Olympians.She was the goddess worshiped in ancient Greece, rivaling in importance and popularity with his father - Zeus.It was recognized equal in wisdom and power.It differs from other deities independent-minded.Proud that has managed to remain a virgin.The goddess of wisdom from the Greeks is reflected in the Roman Minerva.

virgin warrior to become the patron of the ancient inhabitants of cities and states.Since it is associated the development of science and crafts.Athena - personification of intelligence, ingenuity, resourcefulness and skill.Greek spelling of the name of the goddess - Ἀθηνᾶ, rarer - Afinayya.The name of this mythical person named majestic city of Athens.

The face of the goddess of wisdom in presenting the ancient Greeks gave

Athena unusual and impressive appearance, so it can be easily distinguished from other Olympian goddesses.The daughter of Zeus highlights the use of attributes peculiar to a strong half of mankind.Goddess of Wisdom depicted a tall, handsome woman dressed in armor soldiers.Her head is decorated with exquisite and preserves the protective helmet with a high crest.In the hands of Athens - spear and shield, covered with snake skin decoration in the form of the head of Medusa the Gorgon.The Greek goddess of wisdom walks accompanied by sacred animals.It is often portrayed with a winged Nike.Symbol of her wisdom were an owl and a snake.

ancient Greeks described it as follows: COS and brown hair.Homer called her face "sovookimi", highlighting the beauty of the enormous eyes.The sources of Virgil has noteworthy fragment where Cyclops in the forge of Vulcan loschat for Pallas military armor and authority covering their scales of a snake.


typical for the Greek myths had an unusual history of the emergence of the goddess born.There are many versions, the most common is presented in "Theogony" Hesiod.

himself the king of the gods Athena owes its birth.Almighty Zeus thunder became known that in the womb of Metis, his first wife, the child is a brilliant mind and a perfect power.The child was prophesied to surpass the wisdom of his parents.This mystery Moira told Zeus - the goddess of fortune.Scared of Thunder, it was born, the child will overthrow him with the Olympic throne.In order to avoid the terrible fate he lulled pregnant wife and swallowed it.Immediately Zeus overcame an unbearable headache.Summoned the son of Hephaestus, he gave the order to cut the ax head, hoping to get rid of the excruciating pain and wondrous sounds in my head.Hephaestus could not disobey his father.He split the skull with one swing.And in the world of the gods was the head of the supreme ruler of the Olympians a great warrior - Athena, goddess of wisdom.She appeared startled Olympians full military ammunition: a shiny helmet, spear and shield.Her blue eyes radiated wisdom and justice, the whole face of the maiden was filled with amazing divine beauty.We adopted and glorified Olympians born favorite child of Zeus - the invincible Pallas.Her mother swallowed - Metis, endowed with immortality, and has remained forever live in the body of her husband, gave him good advice and helped to rule the world.

In his poems Homer does not pay attention to the myth of the birth of Athena.The authors of subsequent generations have added a kind of history of significant detail and embellished it.Thus, according to Pindar, at the birth of the warrior in Rhodes it began to rain from the golden drops.

Where and when was born the goddess of wisdom?Alternative versions

There are other stories about her birth.Aristokl Greek author describes the birth of Athena from the cloud as a result of a lightning strike sent Thunderer.Moreover, this event takes place in Crete.This myth - a reflection of the ancient representation of how lightning and thunder come from massive thundercloud.There are several other versions with different names of parents.

The ancient chroniclers and historians, there is disagreement on the question of where the maiden was born.In the stories of her birth place Aeschylus - Libya, the area near the lake Tritonidai.Herodotus records the beliefs of Libyans that Athena - a descendant of Poseidon.In the stories of Apollonius of Rhodes goddess of wisdom I was born near Lake Triton.

Pausanias brings posterity the story, which describes the birth of Pallas where there was an altar to Zeus in Aliferov (Arcadia).

also places the birth of Athena believed Alalkomeny Boeotian city where, according to local residents, it was vykormlena people.

birthday of the deity in the time of day was considered Panathenaea 28th gekatombeona that corresponds to the date of 18 August.And that day was suspended vessels.The "Chronicle of Eusebius' year of the birth of the Virgin called the 237 th from Abraham, in our reckoning - 1780 BC

Athena in mythology: the capture of Troy

One of the common themes was the war of the Greek mythology of the ancient Greeks with the Trojan king Paris, which ended with the capture of Troy and the victory of the legendary Odysseus.The ancient Greeks attributed to Athena whole plan for the construction of a Trojan horse.The goddess of wisdom promotes the Greeks.Euripides noted that the destruction of Troy - a consequence of the wrath and anger of Pallas.

What prompted the destruction of Troy, Athena?It is not clear, but the Achaeans have built a horse of her plan, and under her leadership.In the presentation of Quintus of Smyrna is described in detail a moment as palladium, as in a dream to the Achaeans, teaches them crafts.Thanks to the goddess of knowledge construction was completed in three days.Ostensibly Achaean chiefs appealed to Athens to bless their creation.In addition, palladium, embodied in the messenger advised Odysseus to place in horse Achaean warriors.Later, she brought the heroes going to fight food of the gods, can get rid of hunger.

Under her patronage of the Greeks capture Troy and get a lot of treasures.Night ruin city Pallas sits on the Acropolis in the glare of their ammunition and urges Greeks to victory.

Athena - the inventor and patron

Goddess of wisdom to the ancient Greeks - the founder of the state, the initiator of the war, the legislator and founder of the Athenian supreme court - the Areopagus.In the arsenal of its inventions and chariot ship, flute and trumpet, ceramic tableware, rake, plow, a yoke for oxen and bridles for horses.

Greek girl before marriage brought a sacrifice to the goddess hair.There are references to the virgin priestess Temple of Athena.Pallas protector of women in marriage.Some sources Pallada referred to as protector of shipbuilders and seafarers.She mentor masters of metal, train Daedalus.Athena gave people the knowledge of weaving and cooking.In Greek mythology a detailed explanation of the theme of the goddess assistance in the commission of various amazing feats of heroes.

Cult Athens

goddess of wisdom was revered in all regions of Ancient Greece.She devoted many Acropolis, including in Athens, Argos, Sparta, Megara, and three Trézény.Pallada - Mistress of the city of the Kremlin and the Greek people.In Attica she was the chief deity of the state and the city of Athens.