Heresy - it is part of religious culture

In modern society, the problem of religious choice is still a cause for dispute.Heresy - is a conscious rejection of man from religion, which is officially accepted by society.Initially, the concept lacked a personal negative, meaning if translated from the Greek, "for", "direction".But in the New Testament coloring it became very negative.This state of affairs has been dictated by the conditions of the world and the important role of the official church, which had not only spiritual but also temporal power.

causes of heresy

The real problem separating believers from the church began to emerge in the XI century, has expressed in the emergence of Western Europe teachings opposing the Catholic Church.Such exercises are needed to eradicate the domination of a single church.Starting from the XV century, it was engaged in the Inquisition.We now know many martyrs, victims of this brutal organization.Causes of heresies lie in the following:

1. The growth of cities.

2. Allocation of citizens in a special class.

3. Acute combating feudal lords and vassals.

Early directions

hotbed of heresy in Europe were just those countries in which urban life has been developed the most.These include France, Italy, Germany, Holland.What were the first medieval heresy?Firstly, they differed orderliness of weak groups.Thus, the most famous heretics were Albigensians that period.They split from the church called the heresy of the Cathars.Their sudden flowering, most likely, has been linked with the Crusaders.Initially doctrine emerged in the East, where it was cultivated by Europeans.Albigenses claimed that everything around is evil, which should be discarded.Therefore, they insisted on the ascetic way of life, in which it was possible to get rid of all the material.For them heresy - is not just a doctrine, but a way of life.

In their view, we can immediately note a dualism duality: there is always a struggle between good and evil, life and death, poverty and wealth.However, despite the desire for money-grubbing, adhered to this theory, in practice only the heads of teaching.In addition to the middle class, supported by Qatar and wealthy feudal lords who shared the idea of ​​the secularization of church lands.When albigoets nearing the end of life's journey, he performed the rite of purification, after which became the "perfect".

Waldenses and their teaching

Heresy - is the emergence of new trends in religion.Thus, the Waldensian heresy became a real scourge of the society of the XII century.It received its name because of the name of the merchant, who gave all their possessions to the poor.Insisting on absolute poverty, this doctrine has become so popular among the plebeians, which created enormous problems for the official church.The Waldensians fought against inequality and injustice of life, related primarily to the outrage of the feudal lords.Initially the followers of this doctrine called Lyons poor, although they are spread all over the south of France and Germany.

Schism in the Christian faith

Christianity - one of the largest reservoirs of theism.Therefore, the number of different splits from him and will be the biggest.Christian heresy can be divided into groups.The largest branches are considered Trinitarian, Christological and Gnostic.

Gnostic heresy was the whole outlook, premised on the belief in the divine origin of man, the sacrament of his relationship with God.Trinitarian doctrine based on the distortion common to all the faithful understanding of the Holy Trinity.For example, it tried to compile with the help of the doctrine of "dialectical Logos" of the ancient Greeks, which led to even more confusion.Christological heresies, on the other hand, affect only the position of Jesus Christ in the biblical tales.

Deviations in Orthodoxy

Orthodox Church was not bypassed the phenomenon of heresy.Mainly it is isolated Strigolniki and Judaic.Strigolniki appeared in Pskov in the fifteenth century.They insisted on the abolition of bribery among churchmen and fully criticized the fact hierarchy.As a result, they were separated from the official Orthodox Church, because they do not want to recognize the actions of bishops, pastors and their teachers.They denied, and going to the temple.It substitutes its own collection, since the acting principle of the community, where Elder chosen.

Heresy Judaizers initially expressed a collective name of various splits from Orthodoxy.Later, in the eighteenth century, it has acquired a more precise interpretation, referring to followers Sharii and "Sabbatarians".Recent believed correct only the Old Testament and the expected arrival of a savior all his life.

thus heresy - it's very multifaceted concept, which includes different kinds of beliefs.Over time, it is increasingly being modified in the modern world, becoming a part of the huge boiler worldviews.