What is cosmetic eyelid surgery?

Every year, hundreds of men and women want to improve their appearance and give a younger look by eyelid.With the help of blepharoplasty can reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes, remove the effect of the so-called "sad eyes".

This procedure will not help you get rid of dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and can not change the sagging eyebrows.For this blepharoplasty must be combined with other types of plastic surgery, for example, endoskopicheskimliftingom.

Surgery upper and lower eyelids can be carried out collectively and individually.When the upper eyelid surgery removes excess fat deposits that affect the swelling of the upper eyelids.At the lower eyelid surgery removes excess skin.After aesthetic eyelid surgery, eyes look refreshed and look fresh.This operation is very safe and has a small and totally painless rehabilitation period.

possible only dryness and itching of the eye in the first week after the procedure.In these cases, the doctor prescribes an ointment from dryness and possible swelling, and drops that reduce itching.The stitches after the operation fairly quickly absorbed, leaving no trace and your friends, not realizing what was happening, will admire your new fresh look.

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This operation is in most cases does not require re-intervention, but as with any operation, there are exceptions.Despite the fact that blepharoplasty is not considered to be a complex operation, before deciding it is necessary to choose a decent surgeon.In this case, the professionalism is not enough, there is also a important aesthetic approach.

After the surgeon in this case can be compared to an artist that "draw", that will be the result is almost impossible to cancel.The second important aspect - psychological.

Already at the initial consultation, it is important that the surgeon proposed changes coincide with your wishes and ideas about the future of your beauty.The risks in this type of surgery are similar to most other, but you can help to minimize them following the strict guidelines of your plastic surgeon, both before and after plastic.Do not forget that the purpose of the plastic surgeon to make your surgical experience as easy and painless.

Summarizing all the above, we can say with certainty that blepharoplasty is extremely productive, and minimally invasive surgery that allows amazingly fast your eyelids heal without scars and severe consequences.By changing the way you look, the plastic surgeon can help you to change the attitude to yourself, so it's best to contact a familiar and trusted surgeons.

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