Unfinished construction: general concept and features of registration

Unfinished construction - a construction which requires an investment of initial capital.Subsequently, the use of such facilities must be profitable.However, it should be issued to non-state owner, who has the opportunity to complete its construction.The object is firmly attached to the area, which is, and move it to another place, without destroying its elements, it is impossible.

In principle, unfinished can be called any object that is not yet completed.This category may also include those facilities, construction of which is conserved.Since the ownership takes effect only when the construction is completed, in order to arrange the object under construction, be sure to take a few treatments.First of all, the possibility of buying such a structure depends on who is going to sell it.The purchase procedure spelled out in the legislation.

Unfinished construction can be passed in the mortgage, and together with the land on which the construction.However, for this it is necessary to obtain the court's decision, which recognizes the right of ownership to the ONS.

To register the object under construction, should be to collect some documents: a certificate which confirms that the owner has the right to land and buildings;permission for the erection of the building;document, which contains a complete description of the structure;design and construction estimates.

If the land on which the works are carried out, is not owned by the applicant, but he has the right of perpetual use, the registration shall be submitted to the authorities a document confirming this.Naturally, in order to arrange the object under construction, should be submitted and other documents: the act of suspension of work or conservation structures;cadastral plan of the land;agreement confirming participation in the joint construction (if the construction was carried out based on it).

also need to submit a report on the amount of funds that were invested in the construction of the structure.Basically all documents in the registration authorities must provide the developer.If he carries out all the work at its own expense, it should provide a certificate stating that the owner of the construction of their own finances.

Execution of construction in progress is made on the basis of the documents submitted to the registration authority in two copies.Instead, you can bring the original copies certified by a notary.It must be remembered that there is a period during which you must file all the papers.Also, the state sets a specific period for which the registration must be made.

If after making such construction builder has decided to renew all the work, you must report it to the state authorities, who will make changes in the Unified Register.This right of ownership will have to restructure.