For the first time in the history of sex in space

That's one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind: a man and a woman would have sex in space for the first time in the history of mankind, the truth for the sake of shooting a porn film, but not for procreation. PornHub Crowdfunding raises funds for space flight, to create a film for adults in low Earth orbit.

assumed that the flight with an unusual mission and filming Sexplorations will begin in 2016.

There is every chance that PornHub gather the necessary money, since their website is recorded in a year more than 16 billion visits, that is, all the invested funds repaid with interest.

People has never (at least to our knowledge) are not directly engaged in sex in space, because the astronauts on the International Space Station are too busy having a rigid plan of the more important studies.It is believed that having intercourse under antigravity physically possible, and subsequent childbearing is key to any potential colonization of other planets.

In 2006, at the annual conference

Space Frontier Foundation held a large discussion on "Sex in Space" .Speakers from NASA said then about the beginning of large-scale research, "the biological, emotional and physical problems that will stand in front of people to fly in outer space."

PornHub claims that prepares his unusual mission purely out of "love of science and sex."While the mind boggles will look like scenes of copulation in the absence of gravity.

for filming Sexplorations been selected for porn actors Eve Lovia and Johnny Sins .Before the flight, the astronauts will be sex-a six-month training at the tight program.

"There are many elements of life in space, which should be carefully considered and investigated ... especially sex," - the site says the studio PornHub.

Moreover, representatives PornHub put his actors in a row with Gagarin and Armstrong, as they too become "pioneers of one of a kind mission, defying gravity."

"They are making history, pushing the boundaries of intergalactic shooting first love and sex videos in interstellar space", - stated on the website of porn producers.

"We do not change the face of the adult industry, but create a chronicle of how the main components of human life working in orbit", - stressed in an official statement.

Photo Source: Independent, WENN