Plots a candle - that the house had money

Probably the most effective and powerful spells - those who pronounce on the candle flame.

Unlike charmed salt and eggs used for ritual candles out of the house can not stand, and they are not subject to any other magical acts.Just enough to read regularly the desired plots on the candle.After of pronunciation of quenched until the next ritual.It is necessary to remember that a candle used for magical rites, should no longer be used for any purpose.Of course, if their light the dinner, then this action candles only intensify.But in any case it is not necessary to light them needlessly, just like that, or for domestic purposes.As it is prohibited in order to avoid the loss of the magical forces to use tarot cards for the game, so ritual candles should be used exactly as prescribed, for magic or sorcery.

Usually, conspiracy to utter a candle at midnight or after its occurrence.It is necessary that the house was dark, and nothing should interfere with and detract from the conduct of the rite.For the execution of the rituals take three candles, which have a vertical line in a direction away from uttering the magic words to the center of the table.

Reading plots a candle, look you need to concentrate on the immediate flame.To enhance the magical effect is to light the seven candles that must be placed at an acute angle toward the center of the table.In this case, view stops at the farthest, in the center.

Use various omens and spells with candles.

to the house was plenty of money, you can speak the candle.

product of wax or paraffin to be produced independently.To do this, buy seven large household candles that Grate with large cells.The remaining wicks can be discarded.The resulting paraffin weight should be placed in a metal dish, which is lowered into a water bath.Until the wax melts, it is necessary to twist the lace for a new wick made of flax yarn.When the wax melts, it is required to lower the thread and immediately get it.Should wait until the paraffin on the wick dries.And at this time you can begin to recite incantations on the candle.

following text: "Lord Jesus Christ, the giver of light!Fulfill my petition and grant me through my prayer, in my heart exuding a single drop of your grace, and may flare up in my heart the flame of your love, like fire, and like a she-wolf and thorns, but poyast thoughts sly!Early in the morning I get up, the servant of God (his own name), turn to the light, go to the seven roads marred candle, God will call.Today, the candle burns in the heavens sitting.The fire went out, and when we have Christ, shines a light on the light doveku.And you're so good to my gold-shine from me will not disappear.I pray to God, and ask the Lord: Blessed be merciful to me and my lord sudie not abhor me from your face, but thy hand I zapped myself to you to address and guide the path of true Repentance, but now my salvation start.Amen. "

finished reading, you need to again dip into the wax wick and pull until it dries, read again plots at the candle.These steps should be repeated until the melted wax of a new product does not succeed.You must create a magical thing before the icon to light every morning and read a short prayer: "God, wake merciful to me a sinner."After completing a plot, you need to cross your fingers and put out the fire.At that time, many will use the product, so the money will arrive.Usually, a simple business candle lasts for a year and then you can make a new one.

worth noting that the first attempt to make a product out of the wax may not be possible, therefore, to the pronunciation of the plot, it is better practice.