Mat for drawing water - a fascinating leisure for kids

From an early age children love to draw.In the course are pencils, markers, crayons, paints.And not always are new works on paper, often young artists show their talents on the wallpaper or furniture.To relieve the parents of these problems, manufacturers of children's products have come up with original mat for drawing water.


  • focused on children of any age group.
  • very easy and does not take up much space, you can always take with you.
  • apply only to manufacture environmentally friendly and safe materials.
  • size and layout can be selected as desired.

mat for drawing water will be a real surprise for the baby.He would be happy to please you with their achievements.


kits may vary, but they all contain:

  1. marker.It is filled with water.The protection system will not allow the kid to open their own marker and shed water.
  2. mat for drawing water.It can be a variety of sizes and colors.Along the edges are often painted images of animals or figures that the child will be able to redraw.
  3. Soft drawing figures: stars, hearts, flowers, and much more, depending on the chosen set.Sometimes, there are curly dies or stencils.

Some mats are equipped with a small speaker that allows you to listen to music while drawing.In addition, the pad may make animal sounds.Sound is usually regulated.

And if you buy a set of book-learning instruction, the child will learn to draw many of the elements correctly.


Children mat for drawing water has become a real boon for parents.

  • now on the wallpaper will not appear on the new masterpieces of the young artist.Even if he decides to draw such a marker on the walls or furniture, no trace remains.
  • Drawing on the mat disappears after a few minutes, so that the baby will be able to draw as much as necessary.And parents get rid of piles of paper and albums with artistry child.
  • mat for drawing water, you can always take a trip or vacation.The child will be busy with things you love.
  • Marker has no sharp tip, so you can not worry about crumbs.

Benefits drawing

Drawing - this is not just fun for the child, it helps the development of a leisure:

  • fine motor skills.It is necessary for the development of speech and the ease of learning the baby.
  • mental processes.The child is actively developing attention, memory, imagination.
  • mathematical abilities.In the process of drawing the baby learns to focus on the plane, to compare objects.
  • creativity.Drawing child include your imagination and vision of the world.


mat for drawing water has reviews mostly positive.

  • main advantage of most of the parents said purity.The problem scribbled wallpaper, dirty hands and clothes smeared with resolved.Of course, this does not replace the ink pad and pencils.But if a child wants to draw, and the parents at this moment there is no time to control the process, the mat - a great way out.
  • shuttle.Drawing disappears in 5 minutes, and the web for a new masterpiece freely.Although some children are upset when their creation disappears.
  • Some parents leave reviews of fragility.After a couple of months of using the mat surface cracks, and bad drawings appear.

draw water on a special mat is very fun and exciting.Children get a lot of pleasure from such studies.And the benefit of drawing for the development of the baby is simply invaluable.