Pirouette - it's the turn of the body around its axis.

word "pirouette" is often heard in television sports programs and broadcasts of cultural and educational character.Hearing some borrowings from other languages ​​in different kinds of phrases and expressions, we do not always understand their meaning.And the more we know nothing about the origin of the word "pirouette".

Origin and the basic meaning

Pirouette - a full rotation of the body 360 degrees around its own axis.During the performance of the PA man must stand on one leg.The word has French roots (pirouette) and was originally used exclusively in ballet.Pirouette called momentum housing dancer in one place during a performance on the stage of your room.This dancer is based only on the tips of his fingers.

Later, the word began to be used not only in ballet, but also for the other dances.Pirouette - it's always very graceful and beautiful.Learning this art is not so simple: you have to have a good vestibular system and be able to keep the balance.Perform single or double pirouette - the most common room in classical ballet.Honed to perfection momentum by dancers in tutus cause enthusiastic applause from the audience.At the same time the beauty of movement depends on the correct starting position, the thrust force, a successful landing.And the years of training in dance class.

use of the word in other areas of life

With harmonious sound roots and foreign borrowing quickly spread to other areas of life.In any case, its main significance of this has changed: as before, pirouette turnover was just made in other circumstances.For example, the word began to actively use in the circus.In this art form pirouette - a full turn of the body while jumping athletes.It can be executed like a dome, and low over the hard surface.

Soon racetracks have begun to use the word.On race pirouette - a full turn a horse when she stands on two hind legs.With regard to aviation, then the value remains the same.Pirouette called plane rotation around its axis during the shows and parades in the air.Poker players, in turn, dubbed pirouette card manipulation when she deftly and expertly made hand movements quickly turns into a hand.Admission use magicians performing their magic tricks.

figurative sense

Ironically, it is also actively used in conversations intellectuals.The meaning of "pirouette" does not always imply a certain physical activity, or circular motion.Clearly, if we look at figure skating and it actively uses its commentator, we might guess that means it is a circular figure skater turnover made in the air above the ice arena.But if you told your opponent says pirouette in your speech, as it should be understood?

Everything is really simple.In a figurative sense "pirouette" - an intricate reasoning, unexpected findings, cunning arguments veiled facts.It is also a complex syntax that does not always understand your interlocutor.In this sense pirouette is usually called a logical argument, so "twisted" that the author, when it ends, I do not understand where the story began.Such "pirouettes" use writers and poets in composing their works.