Acrobatic Gymnastics for children

Every normal parent wants to give their child only the best, to raise him healthy and intellectually developed person.An excellent base for a good physical training your child can become a class acrobatics.

Acrobatics (from Greek - walk on the edge) includes gymnastics, walking a tightrope or a log, jumping on a trampoline.Acrobatics lessons for children are extremely useful, they develop coordination and balance.If in the future your child choose a different sport, acrobatic skills it will be useful everywhere: in figure skating, soccer, rowing and swimming.Especially needed acrobatics very active kiddies: their irrepressible energy finally going in the right direction.Acrobatics for children ensures the harmonious development of all muscle groups of the child's body, thanks to the different types of exercises and the degree of loading.

acrobatic trampolining

All the kids just love to jump on the trampoline.Meanwhile, many parents do not realize what benefits can bring such a small body jumping, if properly deal with them.Jumping on a trampoline is very well trained vestibular system allows perfectly oriented in space.During these training sessions evenly the whole body, rather than any single muscle group.Perfect for beginners acrobatics such children, because jumping on a trampoline may even very young kids.This type of exercise will give you and your child a lot of positive emotions and charge a great mood for the whole day.

gymnastic - acrobatics

is difficult to identify any basic form of exercise in gymnastics, she is so rich variety of elements.These include somersaults and flips, playing on the horizontal bar and rings, complex acrobatic figures in the freestyle program.Performing acrobatics, the child will not only enjoy the training, but also acquire a beautiful, correct posture, muscle relief.Also acrobatics for children has a positive effect on metabolic processes in the growing organism.With proper selection of compound exercises, you can even adjust the function of internal organs.

circus acrobatics

This type of acrobatics differs slightly from the basic definition and is now gaining more and more popularity among children.The circus acrobatics much attention is paid to the ability to balance and stretching.Balancing on a tightrope, your child will learn not only to control the body, but also learn the basics of acting, learn to work in a team.

Acrobatic Gymnastics for children will provide not only a good physical condition, but also will have a beneficial effect on the psychological and mental health.In children, improves memory, increases the speed of thought.Gymnastics classes load is directed not only to the muscles, and breathing training, which positively affects the lungs and heart, and the whole organism.

role of the coach in training

course, all of the positive aspects of acrobatics will be reduced to zero if you do not find a good coach for your child.After all, children's coach - is not only a specialist who will basic acrobatic figures, and teach them to your child.This man must love children, be happy to carry out training.If you want to find a coach in a sport like acrobatics for children, feedback of parents whose offspring have already attend such classes will be very valuable to you.Find out how and where the training there is a need sports equipment, as a demanding coach, as it relates to children's disobedience and unwillingness to perform tasks.It is not always the kid to behave well in the classroom, and it is important that children's coach was able to correctly assess the mood of the child knew what the situation is to give the child the opportunity to relax and not to insist on the fulfillment of any elements.


Of course, like any other sport, acrobatics is not without injury.Most often this fall and stretching.But do from home, your child completely safe from such injuries?Fully protect the little fidget almost impossible, so do not be afraid to give it to class acrobatics for children.In addition, the first time without training are complex tasks, the load is distributed evenly and in stages under the guidance of an experienced coach who will never perform a new element of the child, if he has not mastered it in theory.It is also important to your young athlete involved in a good gym, equipped with high quality shells and gymnastic mats.

What age is ideal for practicing acrobatics

most "right" age for visiting acrobatic training is considered the age of 6-7 years.Pediatricians and psychologists recommend this age as the most prepared both by the mental attitude and willingness of the organism to physical stress.However, this does not prevent you to acquaint the child with the sport, and at an earlier age.In this section you will acrobatics for younger children, where possible your presence.At these sessions the kids learn the basics of physical education, teamwork.

Who are contraindicated exercises gymnastics

Before you enroll in classes in acrobatics, you must be sure to go with the child a full medical examination and pass the appropriate tests, as their results depend on the health and the life of your child.Medical examination will reveal medical conditions such as nearsightedness, malfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, asthma, heart disease, epilepsy, nervous disorders and mental illness.Do not despair, the sports world is great and you can easily pick up the section with a lightweight load.

Even if you're not going to bring up the future Olympic champion, acrobatics for children bring a lot of interesting things in their lives.They will become more powerful, agile and graceful, will gain very valuable experience and find new friends.Most shy kids in the hands of a skilled trainer disclosed and hit his acrobatic talents.Do not get discouraged if your child will initially inept and clumsy, a lot will not be immediately obtained.Such a reaction to the failures and mistakes - and acrobatics for children from the category of favorite activities immediately move into the most hated.Keep the child learn to overcome fears and failures, believe in it, and very soon it will delight you with its sporting achievements and victories.