Cellulite: Hardware massages against "orange peel"

hardware massage also help ease congestion and provide lymph drainage.When you massage with creams with menthol, camphor, aminophylline or theophylline.In aesthetic medicine courses hardware lymphatic drainage occupy a leading position in the programs of body shaping.Lymphatic drainage is perfectly combined with other treatments for cellulite.

Hardware figure correction shows not all and not on all surfaces of cellulite.For example, women with pelvic disease (fibromatosis, polycystic, endometriosis and so on. N.) Hardware procedure can only be done locally on the hips.

not prescribe any massages thrombophlebitis, weeping dermatitis, skin rashes, as well as a bad skin reaction to creams used for massage (this may be an allergic reaction or a simple irritation for very sensitive skin).

Vacuum massage

Vacuum massage (one type of hardware can massage) held a special device with adjustable air pressure.With the help of powerful vacuum skin problem areas is drawn so tightly that the connective tissue capsule, which is "solid" fat is broken.Since cellulite is fat bursting capsule tightens the skin, making it rough, after breaking the tension weakens, the skin is leveled, and a broken vacuum the fat is more "soft" and available for transport and lipolysis.Vacuum massage improves blood circulation and immunity.The vacuum used in conjunction with various types of mechanical action - endermology procedure: vacuum massage special rollers ("rolling waves on the body").

Pressure therapy Pressure therapy (pressomassazh, pneumomassage) - metered exposure compressed air fed through the corsets - an active mechanical lymphatic drainage.This massage improves lymph flow, stimulates circulation, eliminates the edema and improve the skin's elasticity.

Elektromiostimuyayatsiya and microcurrent stimulation

electromyostimulation and microcurrent stimulation greater effect on muscle fibers.When myostimulation muscles intensively cutting under the current exchange processes include cell adjacent tissue, which has a positive impact on the situation in the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

electromyostimulation aptly named "exercise for the lazy".Electromyostimulation breaks the cellulite bumps, stimulates lipolysis and promotes the excretion of excess fluid from the subcutaneous fat.The movement of lymph is due to the contraction of the muscles, and thus improves muscle tone, increases skin turgor.Current stimulation, affecting the skin, muscles, lymph and blood vessels, provides better blood circulation, eliminate toxins and so on. F. Normal course - 10 sessions.

myostimulation But the main drawback - it is high intensity, leading in some cases to early sagging skin.Therefore, to get involved in this procedure and often repeated courses are not recommended.

today for the treatment of cellulite is widely used technique lipolysis.Elektrolipoliz, lipolipoliz, tsellyulolipoliz intracellular elektrolipoliz - two different embodiments of the procedure using electrodes (or little relief in the form of needles), in which an alternating current is allowed.Under the influence of the electromagnetic field current occurs, which causes the cells to work actively, increases energy consumption of cells, an intensive lipid degradation and excretion of degradation products from the cells, that is, figuratively speaking, there is devastation of fat cells to reduce its volume and total fat mass.One procedure lasts about an hour.A full course of treatment depends on the degree of neglect of cellulite, but usually it is designed for 2-3 months, during which it is necessary to do 15-20 procedures.Elektrolipoliz well combined with lymph drainage and massage.


is now becoming a popular one physiotherapy treatment for cellulite - ultrasound.Ultrasound gently crushes all fibrotic tissue, without affecting the cell.That is all the "core" split disappears "orange peel", but the hips are not reduced.However, better use of imported machines as the ultrasound machine at the domestic production can penetrate to a depth of 12 cm. This means that when broken cellulite abdominal ultrasound exposures are all pelvic organs, which is undesirable.