The results of the police and the incident in Kazan

Over the past day in Kazan, capital of Tatarstan, there have been many victims of accidents, as well as criminal procedure concerning past crimes.Incidents in Kazan were diverse, but is separately highlight some of them.

What happened in Kazan for the night?

female drivers, manage SUV, has provoked an accident with three cars, and then rammed a shop building.Moving near one of the shopping centers in New Savinovsky district, avtoledi maneuver and turning, not calculating the right distance, it crashed into three parked cars.After that, transport is not stopped and entered the shop provider.At the time of the accident in the room had visitors and staff of the outlet, but fortunately, none of them was hurt.According to witnesses the incident in Kazan, the woman simply could confuse the pedals.

similar case occurred with the car owners, who in a traffic accident crashed into a metal fence.The driver of the car brand Nissan, moving on the street Sibgatov Hakim, not missed the vehicle and Ford, with the result that crashed into a fence, maiming several of its sections, as well as damaging the car body.This accident and there were no survivors.

Law enforcement officers solve crimes in Kazan

Earlier on duty police by a local resident received a complaint.He said that on the street, located in the district of Vakhitovskoe, he was attacked by an unknown force, and with the help of selected mobile phone.During a series of search operations and inspections, crew members of teaching staff in "hot pursuit" was arrested a suspect in the commission of a robbery.The culprit turned out to be 28-year-old, who during interrogation confessed to the crime and returned the stolen property.

Law enforcement officers have dealt with all of the incident in Kazan for the day, and the results of the work produced by the detention of two citizens suspected of stabbing.As we found out in the course of joint drinking, 72-year-old man in the background of the conflict stabbed 53-year-old mistress in the abdomen.The victim was hospitalized.A similar incident in Kazan was marked by a different family.Unemployed 38-year-old woman, who lives down the street Gagarin, stabbed 31-year-old man who had damaged veins and arteries was taken to hospital.

Interior Ministry warns

important to remember that most cases of injury and killings occur while intoxicated.

in Kazan chronicle of accidents was analyzed, with the result that it became known that the victims are relatives of the accused (family, neighbors, friends).Any intoxicated person should be perceived as a potential aggressor, becausehe does not control his emotions and can behave inappropriately.You should not be approached in the street by a drunk and arguing with them.Also, the incident in Kazan happen with drunk people who are easy prey for street criminals.Later, the police is difficult to carry out investigative work, since victims can not remember the signs of the intruder, time and place of attack.