Proper care of eyelashes: Five Simple Rules

thick, long eyelashes, like stars on the red carpet - every woman's dream, but unfortunately not all nature gives beautiful lashes that do not require special care.Often have to resort to twisting, staining intensity and even eyelash.To maintain the beauty and health of eyelashes, follow these five tips.

first tip. Regardless of the degree of fatigue, be sure to remove all makeup before going to bed, with no water and soap, and specialized tools.In addition, it is not desirable to constantly use waterproof mascara, as this may lead to loss of eyelashes.

Second Council. regularly use a hydrating mask on oily base with vitamins A and E. At all times, the best way to supply the eyelashes castor oil was.At its regular application eyelashes become stronger, thicker, and their color becomes more intense.Apply a mask of castor oil before going to bed is best, because the way it is better absorbed.In addition to castor oil to eyelashes is also useful olive, flaxseed, burdock, buckthorn and almond oil, and oil solutions containing vitamins A and E.

third council.Be sure to comb lashes special brush made from natural fibers.This promotes their growth.But there should be parallel with that trimming promotes more intensive growth, as in the hair.Often, eyelashes do not grow after trimming.

Fourth Board. Do not use too much curling twisting - is particularly detrimental to the eyelashes.

And finally, the fifth board. very important right choice of mascara.To restore eyelashes best to use mascara, enriched with vitamins.The ideal situation is a mascara with vitamins A, B, C and E. This mascara also contains proteins, UV filters, keratin and melanin, which creates a protection against external influences.Mascara should be applied on clean lashes from root to tip, and in any case not to tint them during the day.

Adhering to these simple techniques, you can be sure that the lashes will look healthy, well-groomed, fluffy, and become thicker and longer.

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