The car "Kia Bongo 3": technical specifications, price, spare parts, photos and reviews of the owners

In 1980, the largest Korean automaker, "Kia Motors" introduced a new compact truck, "Kia Bongo".During its existence, the car has gone through three changes of generations and two major variants of restyling.Modern "Kia Bongo-3" is the latest model produced since 2012.

advantages Korean truck

presence of all-wheel drive transmission and a spacious double cabin convinces many motorists to pay attention to Korean truck."Kia Bongo 3" has many advantages over similar models from other manufacturers.He offered to customers in two sides, namely, as a two-door and four-door.The most in demand four-door model with two rows of seats and accommodating when transporting several people.

This car is capable of working in different areas of operation, as is available in several versions:

  • board.
  • Utility board.
  • refrigerator.
  • reg.

"Kia Bongo 3" - is an indispensable tool for entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses, as it copes with small freight.This ergonomic and comfortable truck with a spacious interior, large review windshield, height adjustable driver and passenger seats.Through multimedia handlebar on which there are buttons required for control, the vehicle is easy to operate.

In addition, it should be noted fuel economy.The diesel engine consumes gasoline in an amount of only 10 liters per 100 km - no more than a passenger car.For maximum convenience, it is equipped with a spacious cargo cargo bay with three reclining sides.Standard equipment includes the basic equipment: air conditioning, power steering, central locking, electric windows.

"Kia Bongo 3": Body options

  1. board option "Kia Bongo 3" has an open spacious box with reclining sides.It is the most popular and common type of truck since it differs a great spaciousness and convenience when loading or unloading the luggage.
  2. also a popular option and Cargo flatbed truck "Kia".This type of vehicle can accommodate a team of workers and at the same time deliver the bulk cargo to its destination.It features a spacious cabin with two rows of seats.
  3. entrepreneurs often requires isothermal van or refrigerated, indispensable for any cargo requiring special temperature conditions.This type of "Kia Bongo 3" is used for the transport of food, medicines, and others.

wheel drive models

Especially popular among the modern business uses the model "Kia Bongo 3 4x4" - through a combination of the comfort of the car, and cross off-road.Function-wheel drive and a downshift is connected as necessary, in the case of the carriage of goods by road deep.This option is ideal for car cargo delivery to the countryside or suburban areas, where there is often dirt roads.

"Kia Bongo 3": reviews

Most motorists attracted favorable price category, combined with decent quality and comfort of the car.The positive characteristics that marks most new vehicle owners "Kia Bongo 3" is:

  • roomy interior with heated seats;
  • overview windshield;
  • affordable price;
  • comfort while driving;
  • stability during difficult maneuvering;
  • high comfortable fit;
  • excellent visibility of the side mirrors;
  • good traction;
  • reliable motor function;
  • plug if necessary-wheel drive;
  • expensive maintenance.

Among the shortcomings, recorded by automobile owners "Kia Bongo 3", the following:

  • Open the battery, located directly under the cab vehicle, whereby the battery quickly becomes dirty and is accessible to any attacker.In order to avoid unpleasant incidents are commercially available special boxes to protect the battery.For example, a "barrier" ZA-4324 - a reliable protective steel box that can protect the battery from dirt and theft.
  • Slippery floor mats, which can be replaced easier to "Kia Bongo 3".


respectable and reliable freight forwarder has a wide wheel arches, large sturdy bumper.This model even in the base, which is known to all the characteristics of efficiency, quite easy and ergonomically comfortable.Home equipment "Kia Bongo-3" includes:

  • radio;
  • central locking;
  • height-adjustable steering column;
  • air conditioning;
  • automatically display the driver's seat;
  • hydraulic power steering;
  • power windows.

manageable, maneuverable car is irreplaceable for smaller mid-size cargo.

This car engine displacement of 2.7 liters, 80 liters capacity.s., a five-speed manual gearbox, the engine is equipped with turbocharging and a radiator to cool the air.Fuel tank has a volume of 60 l.The total weight of the truck is 1900 kg and its payload - 850 kg.The length of the car is 5120 mm, height - 1970 mm, width - 1740 mm.Fuel consumption "Kia Bongo" is approximately 10 l / 100 km, which is comparable to a passenger car consumables.

Another modification of the vehicle is equipped with a more powerful engine with a volume of 2.9 liters and 125 liters.from.In addition, this model is equipped with all-wheel drive transmission and a more reduced transfer that connect at the request of the driver, if necessary.Such equipment is in great demand and popularity among representatives of farmers.

Saloon car

For the convenience of the driver and passengers in the cab of the truck there are special stands, shelves, niches and cavities to accommodate the necessary things.High-quality upholstery materials, neat interior design make a good impression at first sight.

seats with broad backs and soft cushions provide comfort and convenience while in the cab of the truck.Between the seats is a convenient folding plastic table-arm.The four-door modification has an additional seat is flat and short.Beneath it is a comfortable, ergonomic drawer for various instruments.

Service Korean truck

Parts to "Kia Bongo 3" can be purchased from authorized dealers by pre-order.If the office is bred in a remote area, it is possible to write down the relevant details through the online store.Here you can select how the original Korean spare parts, and the like in China.The last option - it is also an opportunity to save, since the range of auto parts from online stores and involves a significant variation in prices.

cost car

Buy "Kia Bongo 3" can be, and in the secondary market, the price of the car will be significantly lower.It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the finest details of the truck in advance to study the pros and cons "Kia Bongo 3".Photos, located on specialized sites, demonstrate the nuances of automotive interior and exterior.You can also get acquainted with the specifications, the interest of potential buyers, "Kia Bongo 3".

small truck price comparable to the cost of similar models produced in Russia, with the comfort and quality of the car is much higher.Combining comfort and low cost truck inclines many motorists to buy this particular model of small-sized cargo carrier.In the basic configuration "Kia Bongo" can be purchased for 750 000 rubles, and an improved version of the car will have a higher cost - 1,250,000 rubles.