Fuel tank of the car - what is it?

Fuel tank is a sealed reservoir for placing the fuel and lubricants and other liquid materials necessary for the operation of all vehicle components and assemblies.These products are placed on board the vehicle and is one of its components or spare parts.


By refueling capacities include:

- gas tanks;

- crankcase;

- a reservoir for brake fluid;

- car radiator;

- tanks for windscreen washer and defroster.

Fuel capacity - it is also a system of lubrication, cooling car, hydrostrengthening steering and other tanks containing liquid.

Fuel tanks

basically just ordinary people under refueling capacities mean fuel tanks or fuel tanks.There are different volumes and configurations, depending on the car model and calculation of fuel consumption a particular machine.Naturally, the manufacture of stainless materials that can withstand the corrosive environments of hydrocarbon mixtures and water which may get into them together with the gasoline in a dissolved form.These products are part of the system of the motor vehicle and intended for fuel storage.The design of them quite simple - fuel tank, the neck, the cap for the neck and an outlet for fuel.Often they are supplied with the incoming fuel filtration systems that do not allow contact with water tank and coarse fractions.

Bay of fuel through the throat using a special "gun" from the column at a petrol station.

In operation the motor drives the fuel pump, which in turn pumps the working fluid (gas, solarium) from the tank and feeds it under pressure on the fuel system.

Fuel Tanks can also have the system display the fuel that allows time to refuel and prevent the engine stops due to a lack of gasoline.

Of course, cars are less capacious tanks for fuel than trucks.For example, fuel tank KamAZ have a very large amount, and from 200 to 1000 liters.In addition, they may be reinforced and have a capacity of more than 1000 liters.For UAZ petrol tank can hold 50 liters of fuel.These cars can be fitted with extra fuel tanks.

different size tanks for liquids at one or another car linked to engine power, number of cylinders and the size of the combustion chambers (or consumability fuel).

Their use must be remembered that the refueling of the fuel tank shall be in accordance with these rules:

- neck should be cleaned from dirt and dust;

- it is necessary to place a double mesh cleaning;

- at the end of refueling is necessary to tightly cover the neck;

- at the overflow from the other tank is necessary to prevent the ingress of water and dirt.Other


crankcase contains oil required for lubrication of its components and assemblies.

brake fluid reservoir is needed to supply its brake system (at least its generation and in case of leakage).It is also staffed by an indicator that signals if the level of the working medium has fallen below the allowable.

radiator for cooling fluid, which in turn maintains the desired temperature of the engine.It is included in the total cooling system of the car.A feature of this car is the element that it consists of a lattice of the original tubes in which circulates a cooling mixture or water.

This filling capacity as a tank washer, serves to accommodate blends, allowing road wipers effectively clean the windshield, as well as substances that protect from freezing in the winter.


As you can see, like the simple and understandable phrase "filling capacity" applies to a large number of automobile tanks, that provide all the mechanisms, components and assemblies of the machine.In addition, this concept also includes operating system of a vehicle, which is the circulation of fluids.