How to choose a water filter under the sink

Each of us wants to enjoy clean and safe water, but not everyone has the opportunity.What do you do when the tap is flowing off-quality liquid?Of course, you should buy a water filter under the sink.Naturally, it must be properly selected.

To purchase really effective device, you should consider several important qualities:

- filter, which provides a fine filter to do it with some exceeding the prescribed concentration;

- the device should not only be removed from the liquid chlorine, lime, biological, chemical and mechanical impurities, but also try to keep useful elements for the human body;

- water filter under the sink should not accumulate in itself all the dirt that comes from the tap;

- the performance of the device shall be at a high level, however, the cost of water from it should not be large;

- the unit must have a high quality of all relevant documents proving the manufacturer's warranty and claimed resource exploitation;

- it is desirable that the filter is easy to use, that is, spare parts for the device should be widely disseminated in the appropriate stores.

If you want to select an efficient apparatus for cleaning liquid, then pay attention also to its dimensions.Water filter for cleaning should not be too large.Otherwise, it will be busy the whole living space.

mainly under the sink using stationary systems.They may consist of two or more filter elements which are connected in series.Thanks to them, made a comprehensive cleaning fluid.They are placed in the bedside table and have different dimensions.On average, these systems are able to purify up to 200 liters of water per day.

establish such construction is not difficult, and the time-consuming process does not take.Installing the water filter under the sink it requires a certain pressure.Therefore, it should only be connected to the centralized water supply system.The device is connected to the output of the mixer.

To connect a water filter under the sink, it is necessary to use flexible reinforced hoses.In principle, it can be applied to plastic parts, but they must be resistant to the constant heavy loads.Connect hoses with nuts, the thread must be securely sealed.Naturally, the filling has a value of cleaning elements.If water has a small amount of impurities and is of sufficient quality, then for good filtration flow system can be used.

However, part of the urban poor-quality supply of liquid, which can not be used for drinking.In this case, apply filters for water purification reverse osmosis type.They remove all unnecessary items and litter at the molecular level.Cleaning the membrane has very small pores and clears all deposits in the drainage system, so do not clog.The disadvantage of such a filter is a great power.For one liter of pure liquid you spend more than 5 liters of water.