What is taught relationship: 8 important lessons

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have long, serious relationship is the mass as advantages and disadvantages.You're much sacrifice and many get.And only love gives these victims and acquisitions make sense.

We decided to ask the question - what exactly can give you such a relationship can teach?8 And they brought forth the main lessons:

1. You "grow together".Or separate.

People change with age and progress.It is very important flexibility to take a loved one to take, so to speak, constantly "progress" in improving and improving.And most also pulled forward and upward.

2. Coordinate their personal goals in a relationship.

stipulate that it is important for each of you, children, career, wealth, travel ... And only define the goals of the partner, you will be able to build a constructive dialogue, how to achieve them.Together.

3. doubt the - this is normal.

At some point you may start to worry that the correct selection is made.It's not terrible, the main thing - do not "hang out" in the emotions and quickly translate it into meaningful action.

4. Identify the common interests of your couple.

joint exercises, hobbies - all this is very important for communication between you.So try to spend more time together and build shared experience.

5. The person can change with age.

Accept it as a fact and just keep track of its main priorities.It is important that you always communicate and share with each other their experiences.

6. sometimes needs an ultimatum.

infrequently.But if it really is fundamentally important for you time and "move" with it you will not be able to - to speak boldly about it.The relationship is so important honesty!

7. You must take responsibility for their actions.

And if wrong, to be able to admit their mistakes.That's all - short and clear.

8. Constantly demonstrate your love.

He should realize that you need it, because we often forget in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, one simple truth - men need women as air praise, it is the best motivator for him!

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