From the hips!

Proper gait - is not a whim but a necessity.Besides, a girl with an ugly gait is hardly elegant.If you want to correct and beautiful walk, remember a few rules.

1. Putting your foot on the ground, you must first touch down heel, then smoothly shift the focus on the middle and followed her to the front of the foot.In step involved the entire foot, from the heel to the toe, but the movement should be gradual, smooth, soft, then your gait is elastic, free.

2. The movement should participate the entire leg - from the hip.If you take out a leg ahead of the tribe, you will need to wean from the habit.Corpus keep straight, chin slightly raised, shoulders deployed.On the socks do not have to look, but the habit of placing them slightly to the side.

3. You can not bear the weight in one hand.From this curved spine, one shoulder is higher than the other.So often shifted the bag from one hand to another, but rather evenly distribute the weight.

4. Check your shoes, whether it is convenient to you in it.At too high-heeled women have to walk without bending his knees, moving his feet like on stilts.So it should not be abused high heels, if you do not know how beautiful and natural to go to them.But get used to the sneakers should not be, because they do swinging stride nonchalant.It is best to choose shoes with heels of medium size.Then walk will be beautiful, and you will be comfortable.

5. When walking, keep the body straight, chin slightly raised, shoulders deployed.Try to move equal to the length of three of your feet.

Gymnastics for tripping

- Step on the spot, without taking your feet off the floor.

- Stand with your feet on the width of the foot.Left leg heel lift, keeping fingers from the floor.At "one" lower the heel of his left foot.On "two" lower right leg to the heel and the left lift.Knee feet with a raised heel bend, and other knee straighten your legs strong.Exercise perform at a rapid pace.

- circular movements of the foot.Sit on a chair and crossed his legs.Foot free leg, the one that does not rely on the land, describe a wide circles, 4 times 4 times to the left and right, then change legs.

- Wearing of gravity on its head.Walking out of the room to the kitchen or from room to room, put on his head, such as a book and keep her hand.When learn to maintain balance, lower arm.At the same time keep back straight.

Exercises on the go:

1. Make 4 steps on the heels, toes 4 (raised on his toes as high as possible), 4 ordinary step.

2. Touch the heel of his right foot to the floor and immediately otdernite leg, raising it to 10-15 cm, straighten the knee.Then touch your toe to the floor and place your right foot on all foot.Do the same left foot.

3. Make fairly long slide step right foot, then 2 small step left and right foot;long sliding step left foot, and so on.

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